Le Mat village- a famous place in Hanoi


Odd ancient Le Mat village located in the east of Hanoi, capital famous career delouse. But save the legend of the holy of Le Mat – who helped the king win sea monster and built “Tam Thap camp” by the king in the land business. When he was king of the “upper-class appellate spirit” and four seasons of Worship.

Snake festival in Le mat

Previously, under odd fushun An, Tran Kinh Bac, now under Viet Hung Ward, Gia Lam district. In the village temple with ancient holy shrine Germany odd. According to the temple must have in writing that: At the end of King Ly Thai Tong (1028-1054), she has not yet public boat excursions on the Thien Duc (now Duong River) meet the Sea King. Seeing her pretty coloring fresh line in his life, to transmit serpent like monster flow up to three.

Play bad credit, the king immediately the soldiers take control of the Ministry, but below the bottom of the river that army are spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Now, he has left is Le Mat name would be king of the Lord. Next, under the bottom of river fight the sea monster . After a whole section river boil away noisily, entrain very muddy.

Finally aquatic species must also remove sea monster run. He was taken to the Princess, and in the shouting of the three soldiers and our regret compensate her by the king. Then, the king has given to his examination of the Thai domestic market with a hundred gold, silk, but he is not waive receipt.

Snake festival in Le mat

With the bread and ingenuity me, he helped the king and the military training and the country. In Ky Hoi (1119), on his “goods”, King Ly Nhan Tong was transmitted to the village where the shrine is built, created and donated to his style as “Upper-class good genius.” He is Hoang Thanh village, but the prestige reputation as tough, so people around the place is called odd villages.

Ancient temple was built from the Ly, turn round face the south. The nignette are more linked to the engraved sophisticated. Although these are still the ancient layout of the text-based (internal and foreign), the pagoda architecture. Court’s power of design imposing scale, including 7 hours, 2 piss, the two sides Ta vu, Huu vu, directions to the logistics center are also on foot block firm, with state relieve sophisticated.

Specifically, the architecture of three-port 3 storey building with curved roofs l?p tubular. Four columns 10m high cohabit very firmly bottle, decorated by the command is very lively, oily. Questions are on the record of La Mat : The daughter the king of tennis, you think my perception of perfume left. The dread of each show, holy Temple beauty in high floor. Outside the port, the water wells have left circle with diameter 27m wide, about 7m. The west shore temple are shrines to worship the Lord …

The temple was odd improvement of many times. According to still beer, the years of 1670 to King Le Huyen Tong (1662-1671), the temple’s training, the length marshal Truong Phuc Hao name stand. Therefore, the temple, there are odd marks the architecture of Hau Le.

Over thousands of years history, to this temple still odd horns with the implementation of the Vietnamese lunar landscape. With the values of culture, history, the unique architecture, is a visiting tourist value. Every year, on 23 January, odd villagers of the long held great imposing festivals to remember the public listed by glorious of Le Mat Duc Thanh, and ready to welcome guests to visit nearby villages have a land transfer the exciting history and rich charity’s homeland.

Snake skin fry
Snake skin fry


To enjoy the “special snake” original, and must go through the brick path, the National Highway 1A few hundred meters to the village. At Le Mat villages are under 10 on the family as a special on solid media. Air warm here as you are back to their families. Cord to the number of food, guests themselves are choosing solid type they had brought her, they bring howdah, the heat, the fork, the buffaloes, coluber, solid mouse ready, they banana, forest mouse …

After the guests choose, the owner will hand cut and more meat. There are many meat dishes different solid medium are enjoying 10-12 dishes, the dishes change daily, and dishes made at the request of the guests! snake soup meat, snake away fat, Burma snake meat, snake meat fry soft, rolling fry, fry cake has fry domain, solid fry soft skin; grill subjects such as the liver solid eggs, meat leaves lot of solid, solid heart powder , solid farce, father snakes, baked prickly ribs are good solid roasting brittle has exposed cake. After subjects: snake and banana flowers salad. The baked dish: meat baked with a solid direction, liver baked with a solid, baked piece lemon leaves. The basement food: solid basement marijuana ginger, sugarcane marijuana tunnels solid, snake simmer, snake soak chinese traditional medicine, snake’s tail boil, …


10 dishes of snake

10 dishes of snake

snake fry

Snake fry with vegetables
After the implementation of solid meat pottage, guests are enjoying wine more solid and solid confidence of wine from the snake by the guests choose. The food menu according to selected guests gradually be moved to. Along with the food will be used all kinds of different solid wine: broken rice, noodle solid alcohol, alcohol treatment north, alcohol solid nacre, alcohol sticky from solid, solid wine Bim bim (name is type of bird), positive or negative alcohol.


Snake wine



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