Lim festival – passionate man’s heart because traditional culture


Famous Kinh Bac (related Bac Ninh area) is the land of ancient stories, the legend of special cultural identity. Because of this tradition that this is one of the countryside possesses many folk festivals in Vietnam.

Lim festival - passionate man's heart because traditional culture
The festival is many people are most interested Lim festival in Lim town of Tien Du, Bac Ninh province. Have hypothesized that the Lim festival is derived from song fo Chuong Chi , in the legendary Truong Chi – My Nuong sign that old wound to the Tieu Tuong river in Lim village area.

The Lim is open from 12 to 14 lunar month every year, of which 13 is main day, is often prolonged period 3-5 days (11 / 1 – 15/1 lunar calendar). The Lim festival is a living culture – its excellent art culture tradition in the North and folk songs Quan origin they become the property of common cultural ethnic Vietnamese, typical for the type of North Vietnam lyrical folk songs . Lim festival is festival of ancient villages is located around the Lim mountain and 2 side of Tieu Tuong river. The Lim festival became region festival in the 18th century. When the Madarin of ancient Thanh Hoa country is Nguyen Dinh Dien was born Dinh Ca,Noi Due, Kinh Bac who was rewarded for service rendered to one’s country that donate many field and gardens for Noi Due with purpose restore palace and pagoda, develop festivals, preserve fine habits and customs. He built the his tomb of name Hong Van tomb on Lim mountain. Because he had many service with this region then his place in the Hong Van temple when he died.People of the Noi Due to post-god worship. Epitaph of Hong Van Tomb called “Hong Van Tu Bi Ky ” of Canh Hung period (1769) is kept to a home village Dinh Ca were quite clear that background, the Bad and the worship of Nguyen Dinh Forums climate in year two opportunity to “birthday” and “day’s death” in his tomb of Hong Van temple and Hong Van pagoda in Lim mountain. May cover song history, Lim festival has more class culture, we only arrange that occasion on 13 January coincides with Lim pagoda.


Ceremony section

On 13/1 lunar calendar, on the Assembly. 8am to light, The Lim was opened with ceremony procession. Group procession crowded with people to participate in the ceremony for the old days, brilliantly colored and extremely demand period, beautifully extended to all near 1 km.

Lim festival - passionate man's heart because traditional culture
During holidays, there are many rituals and to role famous folk, including sing to worship. Morning of January 13 all the members, village elders, Boy of village in Noi Due to gather at the Hong Van tomb full international ceremony spirit. While singing the god, love duet men and women of the Noi Due to stand in front of the tomb expected to sing. While singing, they only sing the praise the spirit.

Lim festival - passionate man's heart because traditional culture Festivalsection

There are many folk games such as auction martial arts, wrestling, chess, swing, textile test firewood, cooking rice, blind- man’s – buff. Its excellent than the part singing festival

Lim festival - passionate man's heart because traditional culture
blind- man’s – buff in festival
Lim festival - passionate man's heart because traditional culture
swing in festival

This’s a fundamental characteristic of Lim festival. Songs from betel invitation, calling it singing to the flute to the river, the spider spin. Singing contest took place nearly noon, held in the form of songs of their yacht. In a small lake next to the Lim fields village, dragon boat is painted red lacquer trimmed with gold leave the station with love song. One side are woman(Vietnamese call “Liền chị”) on the boat, opposite of the children wear four panel traditional dress. The men(Vietnamese call “Liền Anh”) are standing or sitting both the first and last boats. Night on 12th will be the festival song contest between the villages of their family. Each of their villages have been up a camp in the large yard of the Lim hill. This is the best of the Lim festival.

Lim festival - passionate man's heart because traditional cultureLim festival - passionate man's heart because traditional culture

Traditional festivals of the village in general Noi Due (Noi Due Dinh Ca and Lo Bao,Noi Du Khanh, Noi Due Nam, Lung Giang, Xuan O and theatrical company of Tien Du palace and after the Due Dong) exists about 40 in the first half of XVII century.

Lim festival - passionate man's heart because traditional culture
Prepare betel quid

The history and Lim went on to survive and develop to this day (in the resistance war against French colonialists and anti-American to save the country, meeting Lim is not open for decades) was prepared thoughtful from date of 9 and 10, then place from 11 to end on 14 January. Lim festival - passionate man's heart because traditional culture The festival takes place around the village in general Noi Due, a mountainous central Hong Van, with a procession lection handbags grave, heroic and more fun, but its excellent chess is the most attractive people, the shrimp whore, weaving contest, test engines and welcome to you, they sing Quan. As the big festival of Kinh Bac, with diverse activities of the ceremony and meeting the content and size festival folklore Kinh Bac, nearly meet the cultural and artistic activities and religious center flexibility of the festival in the countryside Bac Ninh – land considered the kingdom of folk festivals in Vietnam. The Lim became famous, people throughout the region are praised, handed down

Lim festival - passionate man's heart because traditional culture
“Liền chị” with four panel traditional dress

Visit Lim festival is on a sun sound, poetry and music to making to upset man’s heart.How to play the people of love duck of Bac Ninh is a unique, every gesture in communication has brought it a high cultural nuances. The Lim festival always leave the people who visit festival something nice. The elderly of Lim region said the Lim festival is still preserving the core of the old Lim festival, but alternating the cultural markers of the market. Lim’s people who still sing fork song on the Lim hill and on the boat, but use microphone to sing via vestry. Space exchange not delivered “cramped” in a limited space then sing for people, spring, heaven and earth. The air of festival make warm space and close between the stranger …

to he in festival
To he with symbol “Lien anh,lien chi” in festival

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