Mid autumn festival (Tet Trung Thu)- special fetival for vietnamese children


Each year to the lunar calendar of August, when the weather was pale sun, autumn wind start to rustle on the trees causing the yellow leaves begin to leave the branch falls heart of the city, spread a layer of carpet gold along the way Trang Thi, Nguyen Du, Ly Nam De … the people of Hanoi, no one seems sure: autumn is coming!

Autumn has all North of Vietnam, but perhaps only in Hanoi new collection most obvious and most impressive. That was heaven on earth as to color, the wind gently blowing steam will cool and something that makes the thought of shaking a slot sadness marks before the beauty of autumn moon. It is also at the Hanoi people see again pleased with the busy life in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Dad and his daughter are preparing for Mid autumn festival

Mid-Autumn Festival which is festival for children, but do not know anymore from it spread to all adults. On these days the mother and sister are concerned for his family shopping in a beautiful tray, polite and suitable needs and aesthetic tastes of the family, but also the response of phoebe and beauty of the autumn season in Hanoi.

Goods for Mid autumn festival (Tet Trung Thu)
Many kind goods for Mid Autumn festival

 Since the beginning of August in Hang Gai, Hang Ma, Hang Hom street, spread both to Luong Van Can, Hang Manh, Hang Dieu street .. wonderful make up make even the Hanoi people does not recognize the familiar neighborhood anymore. All goods show only display toys for Mid autumn festival as lantern, perspicacious and impartial, star lamp, light melon fruit, light fruit filling, the head of lion, La Vong and the mask model, as all eyes flower buyer and seller. Street busiest also become more crowded by the balloon full color and fly on the street corner with sweet advertisement: who balloons!

Pie cake
Pie cake

Along the street Hai Ba Trung, Trang Thi, Cua Nam presentation is listed in pie, sticky rice cake designs flexible enough to taste, see to crave for food. Now the market is many fruits and flowers. Alone is enough strange things delicious things from all over the country are meeting here for: grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, Hong fruit, pears and apples in the North, plus mango, custard apple, dragon fruit, durian in South, and the grapes, pears, apples, imported … all as intentionally making wheels in the Mid-autumn moon of Hanoi become more vibrant, more sweet and more attractive.

Go out in Mid autumn festival night
Go out in mid autumn festival night

Banquet of Mid-Autumn Festival start on August 15th lunar afternoon. All the house chock a table or high and narrow table out to arrange. Start of two mother rabbits braid by pulp of grapefruit, flanked by the two dogs braid by shrimp grapefruit, eye dogs is Nhan fruit pip. The tray has still autumn fruits and pie, sticky rice cake with star lamp of head of lion. How is the preparation was considered to exist on the page is complete, just waiting night for the light grapefruit seed lamp. Then down the night, the moon up, the landlord usually elderly people lit candles burning incense ceremony heaven, buddhist ceremony. While the adults sat watching the moon or eat steamed snail then young drum and lion dance up front yard below aparkling light.

Lion dances in mid autumn festival night
Lion dances in mid autumn festival night

Perhaps any one vietnamese person have childhood and the hours are engraved jubilantly mid autumn festival, whether simply only Hong fruit and Com enough no neglect. Happy to lantern parade, which pick up manually grapefruit seed ever to string a series, dried making lamp lights in the fifteenth of the lunar month of August night, and when the adults to have families and then shopping mid autumn festival for children, see them singing pleased to welcome the moon make to fret about a moon season, expected to reload the old song and then startled by the drums lion far behind expectations again, awakened old memories , surprised because the moon came since when !

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