Mo Soya curd – favorite food daily in Hanoi

Dau Mo known as soya curd of Mai Dong village, an ancient village of the Ke Mo, Hanoi. Communication that people here: career as lentils Mai Dong was born nearly 2,000 years now.
Soya curd grill of Mai Dong village

 Soya curd grill

Legend, in 43 Anno Domini, general Tam Trinh, later became the general of Hai Ba Trung (2 woman rose up in arm ) while over this land, see the low ground, said the mound on the hill. Apricot, plum … grow green, beautiful as the scene in the grotto of fairies. He stay here teaching, which is available from the country’s soybean seed, he talk people planted seeds. Very unexpectedly, bean preferred parking on any land is green and the fruit. At first people just know that eating fruits boil, then gradually a lot of things that institutions, including vocational as soya curd.

Mo soya curd is sold on the meters found in the inner suburban markets. Characteristics of this soya curd are the beans package, white and soft, with a square rectangular , when fried with an aromatic, cake of soybeans swell , cooked fast, when pick up to the plate without running water. This soya curd contribution in the pot hot pot, braised pot, it is hard to do with.

First, one must choose the soybean seeds are golden and steady seeds. The purchase of pea, sun exposure is so old kernel, then type shell by grinding the grinding paddy. Beans grinding sometimes broken, depending on each worker decides which batch volume, with much to soya curd. Beans are soaked completed within 4-5 hours depending on the weather then grind again, according to the powder.

Soya curd noodle with shrimp paste

 Soya curd noodle with shrimp paste

Serial stages of filtering powder, bean powder is added to the bag or cloth and then forced or turn centrifugal type soybean. Bean countries live, must be filtered after boiling, boiling stage to prevent movement into the kitchen to also catches fire or boiler, parking will be complicated and overcooked smell. Pass the boiling water, is poured into the pot or chinaware and then processing the sour things help pass precipitation, the second is less sour yeast from fresh beans day before. When the hydrated beans sour, they settled very quickly and frozen like soyabean curd, part of the above is still called variety water use to make yeast for the following day. Soya curd were scooped to shape, filter by cloth with option shape, then pressed with moderate force, so that water flows out near the end, cover the open ends two rarely straight, so the package by hand.

Preparations of soya curd very diverse, people still believe the package of bean used by healthy sales in 2000VND/pack, or bottled water (only during the day) the second is for more nutritious way to the fridge and used at very difficult to forget. How to pass the simple water dilution, can get close to above. Found the second, markets still called soyabean curd dish is equally attractive, preparations were made separately, the process is not a little different.

Tao pho -soyabean curd use in summer day

 Tao pho – soyabean curd use in summer day

Soya curd of Mai village is lentils dishes daily. Eat soya curd in hot summer dip fish sauce, lemon, garlic, tiny bit of chili with vegetables or can salad fried noodles served with shrimp sauce, dot with several aromatic vegetables will find delicious and cool, very suitable for those on summer. From soya curd, through the skillful hands of housework can make many dishes such as soya curd fried, soya curd dried, soya curd cooked tomatoes, soya curd with bananas green with pork meat … Baked soya curd eating hot dot salt has become one of the gifts people have been preferred as gifts locally existed time with Hanoi people. The old and now mix thought of a mind to … soya curd of Mo village..

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