North citadel – glorious evidence about period of Hanoi capital


North citadel is one of the few surviving relics of the ancient Hanoi. Trace hole cannons firing on the walls proved a difficult period of citizens against Hanoi to pay into the accounts of the French colonial period in the late 19th century.

North citadel - glorious evidence a time in Hanoi
Hanoi citadel is a impregnable ramparts, built from the reign of King Gia Long. Into a rectangle each side length half a mile, constructed of ground walls, reinforced with more brick. Citadel has 5-door, keep of the watchtower. Around the country is a dime wide, each door is connected to the outside by a bridge, but bridge is not a suspension bridge, moat should not prevent. In the play a very large number of soldiers, but they fitted very bad, mostly swords and teachers, a few were armed with guns but are trained to use. To be placed on the cannon, but they are not used to the sunshine to rain destruction.

The ancient North citadel
The ancient North citadel

After the French colonialists occupied Hanoi was, ostensibly as a city in the east need to expand further they have to undertake in order to conceal the conspiracy to find gold and silver, value things in palace of King Le, Trinh lord that they were buried under the body hidden in the old building. We mobilize the city Council take the issue to the table and 23 / 7 / 1893, the council decided to destroy citadel and call contractors.

French colonialists and Vietnamese criminals in city council afraid of criticism by peopleshould not dare to contract for destroy citadel. Finally, we set up a company for Ms Nguyen Thi Lan – a vietnamese woman married to French mandarin stand to receive bids.

We start from the start of the February 1894 until late 1897 to complete. French colonial criminals just leave out the main doors of the North Hanoi because it also traces the rounds of the French ships as they constitute the second shot in from outside the shores of the Red River in 1882, we have saved comments showing invasion of their victories.

Today, the North citadel became interesting sights for tourists. Right on the gates are carved the words “Chinh Bac Mon”. It built from Nguyen dynasty, base on the North gate of Le dynasty and completed in 1805. Architecture of North citadel built above floor, bottom is citadel.The North is not just a surviving relic of the Hanoi citadel, but here is proof for the heroic struggle of the Hanoi people and army against the French colonialists in the first session occupy to Hanoi citadel. Right in the floor into place on the church’s two general director Nguyen Tri Phuong and Hoang Dieu – the two with the Hanoi people against attacks up to the French colonial.

Night on 19 commodity November 20, 1873, The French suddenly invaded past two defenders outside the south door, and pass for residents before the soldiers on the citadel shot down. Also, since the cannon ships and cannons fired up, makes defense troops, unfamiliar with the shells, leaving out stampede to the West door. Meanwhile, fire and shot the of French destroyed South door and only one hour, the French flag hang on Hanoi watch tower gazebo. Than two thousand imperial troops were taken prisoner.

A corner of North citadel
A corner of North citadel

Son of Nguyen Tri Phuong is prince consort Nguyen Lam Pho was shot and killed in battle, Nguyen Tri Phuong is serious injuried. He was French troops rescue treatment, not available but he refused and said: “Now if I only drag out a miserable existence, please for me to die about good deed “. Then he hunger and lost nearly a month and died on 20/12 / 1873 (1 Nov lunar calendar), life expectancy 73 years. Corpse of him and Nguyen Lam was brought to burial in his homeland. King Tu Duc himself personally write to all three international literature of mental (Nguyen Duy, Nguyen Lam, Nguyen Tri Phuong) and Nguyen Tri Phuong temple set in his homeland.

Nine years later, the French attack Hanoi on the second, Hoang Dieu was the king Nguyen assigned the director of Hanoi citadel, and he led army fought against the French colonial. Forces increasingly weak, unable to retain the more, he ordered general artist dissolved to avoid casualties, alone in the palace, do the posthumous writing, and went to Vo Mieu using tissue covering the temple gallows suicide, which is April 25, 1882 (March 8th lunar calendar). “Citadel loss did not rescue, It’s shameful with the North patriotic personality. What dead body management, volunteer to follow Nguyen Tri Phuong to ground. Kingdom and me far aways from miles, two lines of blood and tear …. “He wrote do the posthumous writing by blood.

Hanoi people extremely painful heart. The next day, many people who meet, prepare blanket, carefully bury, received Hoang Dieu’s coffins from the citadel, the organization and the burial shroud in the gardens of Palace Director (now the Royal Star hotel locations in Tran Quy Cap next Ngo Si Lien market after the Hanoi Railway Station).

North citadel now in the Phan Dinh Phung streets
North citadel now

Relic north citadel area now become a historical of Hanoi, arrive here visitors can feel a true crime to destroy Hanoi citadel of French colonial. Two statues of the general director Nguyen Tri Phuong and Hoang Dieu worship on the floor of the North citadel was clearly demonstrated for the war spirit, protect the national independence of ancestor.