Nostalgia about hanoi peddled wares


For people living away from home, it sure no one country one breed. When someone referred to his memory, they image to customs, customs, festivals … remember that the landscape, where their people have born and raised. I own, when memory of the homeland, I always remember to taste sweeter, simple peddled wares, of empty, where I have lived 30 years ago.

hanoi peddled wares

Born in Hanoi, since I was little I grew up with the herald of the hawker. The retail hours that not simply as the herald, it has become a tone, a part of life where I have lived the childhood.

If anyone lived in the surely have used the last good bridesmaid – shrimp paste. On the summer , streets shade of Sau trees, the sound of cicada the rich as a summer with the broken rice, Simple carry soft noodle, succinct. Under the original plans of selling her goods with broken rice, noodle place rattan or bamboo frame. A side of mud, beans, shrimp paste, aromatic vegetables, a side of the pan, bowls, spoons small. Just a few thousand now you have a lunch appetite, to eat. The short white thread broken rice, noodle, flexible software with the paste to squessze lemon juice, chilli scented very difficult forgotten. Fry bridesmaid pieces to the outside to the gold the bowel top, soft and fat. Just a cheap food, just delicious but full of nutrition.

hanoi peddled wares
Who has the age of poetry in Hanoi still sure you buy your candy sweeter drag. I also remember the small, I often supplication for his father spit hair deep prize cents to buy candy. Every hear the herald’s first medical candy drag street children is flood radiate coil, be in an eager bustle. Many request, requiring 10 is but the child may only have 2 child is money to buy candy. Taste of the delicious candy new, attractive young flood us how! Now every time I think to feel the sweetness of the sugar, circuit house, fragrance of ginger in the candy.

Then the summer. Lotus flowers bloom all over the lake surface. The smooth leaves of green lotus spread across the lake. When it is time to cốm season. Perhaps the individual, the character of Ha Thanh is carry cốm. Rattan or bamboo frame sometimes with a few flounder on the mix of her and bring her cốm fragrant incense go across 36 wards uproarious city. The seeds cốm flat, flat. He that color, smooth cốm by those who look like gems makes it difficult to forget the dishes cốm Hanoi. Government’s green cốm have a concept of color, blue com. Cốm appetite and want to be long packages in lotus leaves picked fresh from the morning. Now that the leaves are closed the morning dew grain glitter, reagent of heaven. Cốm packages in lotus leaves 2 times and the external force in the fiber straw yellow sticky him. Cốm is not only a gift but dissipated into a gift to bring the full flavor of the very individual Hanoi.

The Hanoi still wandering outside the city and then to the marijuana to carouse simple. To winter, the cold – frozen to the bone. Until now I still remember the long cold last winter in Hanoi. The cold cut the skin, cut meat. But the Hanoi still wandering outside the city and then to the marijuana to carouse simple. Only a small table, two chairs, three things, a few cups and a jug of that you have a warm tea. Tea were raped to be to the average, in my skin with water only straw should always hot. The heat has just enough moisture to enjoy but do water and only in comparison. Clothes, caps, towels, two hand embracing the tea cup for moisture, slot whimper as the cold, find the sweet-fat candy bar at last, all the animals that drink the tea cup.

hanoi peddled wares

“Hanoi street, Hanoihuman will know how sad you are missing out peddled wares”.

Of spring, growing fruit trees . Hanoi flowers bloom the same race, showing the flowers throughout the village along the lake west. At this town Hanoi as flaring with oddments load color. I would dare sure that one will not have a place in Vietnam and the world as a type of flower sales very poetic, very romantic as in Hanoi. Fresh flowers full color, all types hold loads at the end of carrying village girls, village like the full color butterflies flying around town eel crowded.And many, many of the items in thepeddled wares. Each item has its attractive features of their own, but all create beautiful soft, ancient Hanoi in the eyes of people in Vietnam as well as international guests. Street, Hanoi people will know how sad you are missing outpeddled wares.


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