O Mai – Hanoi’s jam – A small gift for people love Hanoi

As features, when you go to Hanoi , people would also like to take O Mai (jam) in Hang Duong street for gifts for relatives as bring a little spring sunshine, a little the cool wind on to the memory of Hanoi darling.
O Mai Hanoi- Hanoi jam
Apricot licorice with couple scrane

To Hanoi, is the opportunity to spring weather, people often go with a quick search Nhat Tan peach branch to time on the decorations in Tet. In the busy way, people also find hobbies walking to all, especially for goods such as Hang Duong, Hang Buom, Ngo Gach, Hue street … to select O mai to welcome the guest.

O Mai Hanoi- Hanoi jam

Famous about Hanoi O Mai may include facilities to Hong Lam (No 11 Hang Duong street) or Gia Loi (No 8 Hang Duong street). This is the address in full of all kinds O Mai as apricot ginger, acrid apricot, apricot licorice, apricot tart, soft plum, gastric dracontomelum girdle, salt lemon, sugar lemon, tamarind chili…

O Mai Hanoi- Hanoi jam
La Vong statue with jam

O Mai is a jam, also known with the name is familiar Xi Muoi. The main material for processing O Mai is the fruit characteristics of fatty areas, peach, tamarind, plum, apricot, jack fruit , mango, dracontomelum, tram, khe, coc … But for color and flavor characteristics bring style, each processing facilities have family secrets. For products jam delicious and pleasant to the eye, people do also have to follow pretty much the need to be careful and sophisticated. First, we must choose delicious fruit, fresh no worm, adjacent … then all types will be left clean, souse, dried and steamed dried …

O Mai Hanoi- Hanoi jam
The next job dehydrate and processing products. Also from that fruit, but each can process have many dishes taste different attractions, an acid, an sweet, is just hot – sour – salty – fresh orchids together in order to enjoy the, people will not long forget.