Phat Diem Stone Cathedral – Special architecture in Hoa Lu Ancient capital


From the city of Ninh Binh, head southeast along highway 10 about 28km, visitors will get to Phat Diem stone Cathedral (of Phat Diem Town, Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province).

Phat Diem means generating beauty, by the name of Phat Diem Nguyen Cong Tru (is a military, an economist and a prominent poet in the history of modern Vietnam.) set. Cathedral was built during 24 consecutive years. Given the technical and traffic conditions of the late 19th century, only the transport of thousands of tons, slab of stone weighing 20 tons, hundreds of ironwood trees to the starting point for building a church that wonder. Kim Son which is clearing new land, formerly very muddy. To handle the settlement of the land before building it has been moved to a small mountain distance 40 km of Phat Diem. Customers visiting Calvary Church is seen So mountain, it was a part of the mountain people have been displaced in Phat Diem.

Phat Diem Stone Cathedral - Special architecture in Vietnam
This is an Eastern architectural ensemble including (from south to go to): Pond, Phuong Dinh, Cathedral Church of the four edges on both sides, three artificial cave, stone cathedral.

Phuong Dinh: The first area in the architectural planning of the church of Phat Diem. This is a structure 25 m high, 17 m wide, 24 m long three-storey building with slate, the largest is the last floor was built with blue stones. Phuong Dinh Arts building is admirable, the craft industry local workers assembled thousands of stones heavier weight, very high accuracy.

Phat Diem Stone Cathedral - Special architecture in Vietnam
The stone window surround was fitted to the level of sophistication. Between Phuong Dinh the bed of a monolithic, outside and inside are the relief is carved on the stone images of Jesu gods and beautiful saint with elegant lines. The second floor hang big drum.

Phat Diem Stone Cathedral - Special architecture in Vietnam
A third floor hang a bell high 1.4 m, 1.1 m in diameter, weighs 2,000 kg, Dinh Phuong large bell was cast in 1890. Phuong Mai Dinh roof of five arches, the four arches at the lower corners, the highest dome in the middle of the third floor roof. The roof of Phuong Dinh church is not soaring ad tower type as the other churches that are ancient vault like temple, pagoda roof.

Cathedral: is a cathedral built in 1891, has five entrances carved arches. Cathedral long 74m, wide 21m , high 16m with four roof.

Phat Diem Stone Cathedral - Special architecture in Vietnam
The church has six monolithic ironwood pillars, two pillars of the 11m-high, 2.35 m in circumference, each bar weighs about 7 tons. Upper space of the cathedral is a large altar made of a monolithic slab length 3m, width 0.9 m, 0.8 m high, weighs 20 tons.

Phat Diem Stone Cathedral - Special architecture in Vietnam
The front and sides are carved with flowers typical of the four seasons make an altar covered with a towel as quartz light color. Both sides of the church has four chapels is an architectural style.

Stone cathedral: also known as heart church dedicated to the Virgin.

Phat Diem Stone Cathedral - Special architecture in Vietnam

Called the stone church because everything in the church are made of stone from the ground, walls, columns, bars, door… Inside are several bas nice touch, especially the engraver of precious gifts: pine tree, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, bamboo,apricot represents for weather and the beauty of four seasons in a year. Lines depicting animals such as lions, phoenix life extraordinary.

Artificial caves: In the northern Phat Diem cathedral has three caves created by the rocks of different sizes remain natural appearance. In it, Lo Duc is the most beautiful cave.

Phat Diem Cathedral, a unique architecture is one of a kind in Vietnam. The magnificent architecture, majestic scenery, but in harmony with nature, oriental architecture style.