Phu Do vermicelli bring delecious taste for noodle dishes


Phu Do Vermicelli – round noodles ,white, soft, delicious, especially one of Thang Long – City thousands of years of culture. The lane leading to the village of Phu Do – famous village in Me Tri commune, Tu Liem district, Hanoi – very long, not 2 meters breadth. The village is situated close beside influence My Dinh National stadium.

Making vermicelli in Phu Do village

Making vermicelli

In the house 4 floor in the village is the last busy machine free meal, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngan brush sweat on brow then picked noodles in pot of water squeezed vermicelli fibre. She said, had three family life is living with her husband’s career as noodles. According to Ms. Ngan, to get the thread Phu Do genuine vermicelli, delicious in famous in North of Vietnam is not easy, though only to be composed of white rice and water.

Right from the beginning, the material selection for making noodles was very strict, choice soft, scented glutinous rice, wash clean and soaked in water. Summer is half day. Winter soaked. whole day. Noodle making process must be followed closely as a lot of stages: Pureed rice with water to create plastic rice flour, small, smooth; Keep flour and decent sour water then put on the pressing machine to slice flour fruit ; knead flour,make liquid and then passed through filter grit screens, broken rice to create starch.

Then, flour into the mold is squeezed into strands and put into the pot boil several minutes, then picked up the noodles, coated the water from the flat stick. Finally picked up the paper and noodles in the pot with your hands squeezed into the small noodles, leaves noodle or tangled vermicelli. vermicelli finished products are placed on bamboo baskets lined with banana leaves available, dried and keep before bring to buy in market.

As Mr Nghiem Van Tinh, more than 70 years old, a men know more about tell: Phu Do people are fluent in boil and evaluate of wheat noodles – the most important factor, expressed skilled who make noodles, because if time boiled wheat vary only slightly and will affect the firm level, the quality of the fiber vermicelli.

Vermicelli for delecious taste for noodle dishes

Noodle use in Thang noodle,grilled meat

Phu Do vermicelli usually only take a few minutes to boil about 1/10, then coat the of vermicelli outside layer of the colors just a bit as satisfactory.

Vermicelli is squeezed in several different designs, in accordance with traditional dishes and the needs of customers. Village produce about 5,000 tons per year, Phu Do vermicelli – accounting for nearly half the market of Hanoi, sold to customers as Ha Tay (old now is Hanoi) and some neighboring provinces.

“Phu Do vermicelli is easy to distinguish them because different types of noodles, vermicelli of Phu Do round, soft, pure white, not opaque white. When eating the noodle feel soft vermicelli, tastily rich, attractive, not tough, not note, not is crushed such as noodles, “- Mr Tinh analysis clearly.

In recent years, in Phu Do, the family noodle not much, most traders switch trading. From nearly thousand households and is also less than hundred households “living dead” with this job. Many households move mechanized career noodles, investors powder grinder, powder mix, and use all the modern equipment as uninterrupted machine. Households diligence, hard to traditional methods only very little.

There are also many people in the village brought traditional job throughout Hanoi.

Therefore, each morning tomorrow, who easily caught the Hanoi noodle baskets of Phu Do on the pure white sheet of green banana leaves, suggest be all right sense.