Phu The Cake – A traditional cake in vietnamese wedding

Stories that when King Ly Anh Tong went to war, the wife of the husband’s love him to the kitchen manually making cakes for her husband. King find delicious food, to think of a couple named cake is Phu The cake(husband and wife cake).
Phu The cake
Phu The cake pack in the phrynium, not garish colors, restrained in style but take off cake bringing white porcelain disk that will enjoy to make astonished. The black sesame as a suspension of the gold shell cakes throughout, the delicious cake circle, square shape with coconut leaves as the square of the circle of Yin and Yang philosophy This is reflected in the form of bread made of the box is based in two parts: in the box, also called sound box – small, low case and the cake outside the box, also called positive list, larger a little box up on the sound, making the cover. In addition, positive-negative philosophy also shows quite clearly how the cake.To create a Phu The cake, people settle thin powder on campus, located on the top, emtank remaining flour onto the show as cherish, protection as conjugal affection. Not the case, Phu The cake also include it in the philosophy the team recreate a fine last year’s color wheel: white powder by filtration and coconut rice, yellow of gardenia use for skin cake and green bean fine grinding of kernel cake, black of seseam, green leaves and red of bamboo string.

Phu The CakeExam make Phu The cake

It is the harmony between people with land, with heaven, the harmony between the people, between the husband and wife.

The meaning of harmony Yin and Yang with delicious taste sweeter make that cake mate also requires many wonder. Flour used as a cake is made from sticky rice milling, and then get to the filter, the pressure to drain and then dried. When processing, it is not using water mixed with food color water that use water of gardenia dedicated knead flour to keep bread with gold colors throughout nature.

The processing kernel of cake take care. We use green beans ripe steam it, then add white sugar, coconut rice, lotus seeds and the five tastes . To add to the delicious cake, the processing of any hillock green papaya, soaked alum and minced with flour and bread to more brittle for cake.

When you should enjoy the Phu The cake, addition of sticky plastic, brittle of papaya, the rich green beans also have more fat in the coconut rice, the fragrant lotus seeds , and the sweetness of sand white sugar… all right together create a very own taste of Phu The cake, has once tasted will not forget, feedback will remember, remember forever, such as emotional mate sustainable sweeter.

Phu The Cake
Today, many pre- wedding and wedding cake still choose Phu The cake as offering the meaning of Yin and Yang of it. Instead of coconut leaves used as a cake box as before, it is replaced by the glazed paper, forced by color ribbon.

Phu the cake

Fresh air between pleased joyful wedding day, sweeter flavors, delicious cake and the meaning of “square circle” heaven and earth as harmony, one hundred year durable forever that gifts are meaningful that Phu The cake gives bride and bridegroom in the most important of life’s