Plain rice flan (Banh Duc ) – A popular cake middle Hanoi

Life increasingly busy, the Hanoi began eating hamburger instead of rice, the people forget the food has traditional as Duc cake is completely normal. But in memory of Hanoi, Duc cake is still a food very close and familiar. For the people in charge of the structure “Duc cake, fish stock sold cow to repay.” Young people listen to Duc cake to think it is good the country but in “your mouth delicious Hanoi” by Vu Bang, this cake is the official for the outstandingly praise . Vu Bang is that the Hanoi gastronomic. The older people remember aftertaste the cake in regret :”Time to make a cake that prepare food.”
Plain rice flan(Banh Duc )- A popular cake middle Hanoi

Duc cake is probablythe food materials are simply the best. Cakes are made from rice grains with the same way very easy with this very soon. How the last month still no one modern shape, the way doing, the way eat cake. All still just as thousands of ancient, rustic, simple. But also difficult to tell the cake is cheaper than Duc cake. But on the cool, it must take for a gourmet like Vu Bang “This cake is cool – the coolness of the East , deep and fresh, don’t scream like that”.

The cake is simple but the style cuisine variety of Hanoi to the many ways to enjoy. Most popular is to eat cake with salad, cake dip soybean jam and cake with onion and fat. One of them has a particular interest that one has a hard time eating the heart forget.

Who like to fully enjoy the cool “graceful, sweet- smelling, flavor of a vegetable garden ” the select Cake with salad. Balloon cake pieces, brittle to delicate of bean-sprouts , sesame and lemon. Add a little vegetable , a soft banana in small flat . Some simple materials of country make be bewitched of the city people. Hanoi people like special dishes kind of this cake.

Plain rice flan(Banh Duc )- A popular cake middle Hanoi
Cake with onion and fat with eating fry beans to let, dip sour fish sauce and chilly. If lack of fry beans can be replaced by grilled chopped pig or roast meat. Depending on the preferences that each person can eat hot or cool, but tastily rich is still what type of food every complete.

Plain rice flan(Banh Duc )- A popular cake middle Hanoi
But perhaps the most popular cake is cake dip soybean. This tasty dish has just the cheapest, but also shows most clearly is the definition country. A Duc cake plate, a soybean bow can eat noisily, feeling life is simple. Who like spicy food then deepen peppers for up to or want charming food than the pieces cool bean-sprouts. Soft bean, sweet soybean, the cakes don’t fat to easy eating, not to be depressed. The gift that they eat lunch on a summer just like somebody drink a glass of cool tea.

Plain rice flan(Banh Duc )- A popular cake middle Hanoi
Up to now, the cake sales, but still rare and perhaps a taste of the day it is no longer intact. So his gift delicious way forever but the balance is difficult to forget for a time, a life. You can go to eat in Le Ngoc Han street and Ngon restaurant in Phan Boi Chau street.