Quan Ganh kind of rice cake – a famous vietnamese cake in Hanoi

Thang Long land known for its many specialties, although sophisticated or simple, it still attract visitor have ever visited Hanoi. Quan Ganh kind of rice cake (kind of rice cake – Vietnamese meaning: Bánh dày) also one of the specialties of traditional trade villages of Ha Tay.
Quan Ganh kind of rice cake -  a famous vietnamese cake in Hanoi

 Kind of rice cake with pork-pie

Quan Ganh village of Thuong Tin, Ha Tay province. From many years, kind of rice cake from the village of Hanoi 17km are considered popular – refined Vietnamese food.

The cake attract people by fragrant steamed glutious rice, young green of banana leaf , fragrant tastily rich of beans, meat with other aromatic spices. Looking simply cake but to make it right through many sophisticated phases for any selected material to processing phase. Delicious cake or not, the decision is in the first stage of selection of rice and steamed glutinous rice.

Rice to make cake that is white glutinous rice, fragrant soft from the Hai Hau, Nam Dinh. Rice seeds are not broken, then soaked take on the steamer. Away to be cooked quickly pour the mortar or sedge mat spread on the flat brick base and immediately grind until the viscosity. Grind hot steamed glutinous rice that make to get viscosity, soft and smooth. That this step need athletic men, health flexibility to continually grind , regular hands in half an hour. Next stage is to create shell cake, the most difficult this phase should good one’s hand that knead equal cakes. Cake is done to dry rub oil, editing and then brought to a complete package. If cakes have sweet stuffing that part of the green beans must also select pepper has stronger taste fried with sugar. If salt stuffing cake that include green beans, pork side, coconut fiber were mixed with the fat, pepper. With cakes haven’t stuffing that eat with pork-pie or roasted cinnamon pork, you can feel the flavour of glutinous rice and tastily rich pork-pie and banana leaves.

Quan Ganh kind of rice cake become gift of Hanoi people and it is also indispensable gift for those who have been visiting this place. Today, these cakes for the fifteenth of the month, festivals, Tet… This is common cake is refined gift contribute to enriching vietnamese food treasure of supernatural Thang Long.