Soc temple where keep trace of a national legend


“What’s Soc Son mountain?
There is Thanh Giong fly in blue sky”.

This fork song makes us remember the Soc temple located at the foot of the immeasurably high Ve Linh mountain ngut heaven, Phu Linh commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi.

Along the northwest Hanoi 40km long as we come to the temple Soc. This is the temple worship Thanh Giong, one of the immortal Vietnamese popular four people.When you come to visit this place you will recognize not only the Soc temple relics sacred worship saints of the nation, but also a cultural and tourist area – a rare ecological of the capital.

The gate come to Soc temple
The gate come to Soc temple

Vestiges are secluded at the foot of Ve Linh mountain (Soc Son mountain) thousands of trees, a large lake with majestic scenery, fresh air, cool. Thanks to the landscape and environment, visitors to observe not only relic worship ceremony but also enjoy the scenery and enjoy the fresh atmosphere.

Front Soc temple is a large Soc Son lake, Legend was ancient traces of Thanh Giong's horse legs
Front Soc temple is a large Soc Son lake, Legend was ancient traces of Thanh Giong’s horse legs

Between mid-mountain Soc, mixed with pine trees, Keo trees and yellow bamboo forests. Legend was weapon of ancient hero.

Legend related after defeat the An enemy (China) , Thanh Giong was gallop straight through the Red river and then up north and finally to the Soc mountain. To the foot of the mountain, Giong pull reins, horse neigh echo, step to revolve the legs four sides. Now, here called the Ma village (Ma meaning horse) . Giong flew horse up the mountain, openly iron clothes hanging up tree and then him and horse fly to the sky. Today, vestiges of the trail horse leg is believed lake front gate temple.

Tell to the architecture of the Soc temple must mention the four temples are hidden under the foliage with the collection. From outside the gate to enter the Trinh temple, to the Mau temple, Dai Bi pagoda and Thuong temple. In addition, on the top of Ve Linh mountain has stone stele existed hundreds of years. Because each projects is not nearly so we have to go through trees, foliage of ancient trees to see the shape of the next temple or pagoda.

It looks like the blue canvas of the mountain and forests with thousands of red hills caused populations Soc temple of ancient color dye.

The Trinh temple opening for a world spirit with ancient banian roots and statues subtle scent. Particularly on the border wall with guard house run by the stairs, always lived with the information for any graphics, nice.

Go through several steps tiled path flanked by the Dai Bi pagoda. The small pagoda but absorb viewers by the unique architecture from the curved dome, to the door intact paint. Inside the temple covered by beautiful horizontal red lacquer trimmed with gold and solemnity.

Dai Bi pagoda opposite the Mau temple, the title foliage accepting hundreds of years old. The tranquil scene of temple, incense smoke is spiralling up. Behind the temple walls covered by a layer of convex pebbles sense of mystery, ancient.

Thuong Temple
Thuong Temple

From this temple we will go to Thuong temple, the temple worship Thanh Giong. This is a large temple with bold architecture of the ancient Buddha (type two eight-storey roof). The temple also has double wooden horses symbolizing theancient ironholy horse that Thanh Giong was riding to make the An enemy. Temple was also decorate the splendid, imposing the non-diaphragm, sentences, son of steel painted gold.

Finally, if there is enough interest and climb peaks to the top of Ve Linh mountain, please visit the stele house.

Compared with the stele house that is common in the temples (usually scanned lime), then the stele house is built entirely in stone slab. The body of the bottle firmly attached top hat, looks like a ancient helmet of the Thanh Giong.

As Ve Linh people, architecture permanent house beer existed hundreds of years but has never been wear out.

Afternoon, we left the Soc temple with happy feeling. Perhaps unlike temples more incense smoke, Soc temple is close and solemnity. Temple bring of a natural relics, which are imposing on dreaming. It’s just a place for us to commemorate the saint of the nation, has selected for a relaxed, reflects a lifetime.