Son Dong village – The famous sculpt statue village in Hanoi

Located next to 32 road, the center of the capital about 15km, Son Dong commune, Hoai Duc, Hanoi is known for its famous wood products, fine art and carved lacquer. Here, people could hear the sound of carve and cut around the village.

Son Dong village - The famous sculpt statue village in Hanoi

So far, the class descendants of wood Son Dong village no longer remember the origin of the craft, only that the product of villages have been identified from hundreds of years. A hundred years, the village of Dong Son not only talented in the paint, carve, create the Buddha statues thousand arms, thousand eyes, the Thien (Good) statue, the Ac(Evil) statue, the Arhat statues, eight pole palanquin.. known throughout the country, but from the ancient times, the Son Dong know each other always prompt professional respect given to their ancestors: painting, pagoda sculpture – has created a job for Son Dong village know how artists have talented hands, the King Khai Dinh’s prizes, French were awarded the artist.

From the land of King Hung to the The best cave in the North of Vietnam – Huong pagoda, anywhere in the country, we also see the worship statue by the Son Dong craftsman. A very special with village workers in the wood that even though there is no sign on the statue but the Son Dong people can easily recognize the product were done by your village people manipulate. They look so proud that you have a good job to be crystallized in the hands home workers that others village want to learn are also difficult to follow and also “in heart” to hold round of prestige for the ancestor profession .

Son Dong village - The famous sculpt statue village in Hanoi

The pilgrim as well as respect for this quality of “uniqueness” of products that the Son Dong village that want visited the wood village… What is the trick that makes the product of Son Dong village is love, create credibility with customers, while the country has so many professionals as well as villages such as Dong Son worshiping? The question of who is doing missionary work, keep industry of the village explained very rustic and simple: “Many generations now, the only wood carving village always thought, one thing is to know, to understand the sentence :  know every thing is to know nothing.

The consideration of Son Dong village artisans for products of their village is also manifested in behavior, communicating daily trading. Everyone in this land, from the elderly men in village to the baby 2 to 3 years, future generations of wood village, also called wood products very successful arranged clear order of precedence, while shipments to customers have a red cloth covering statues. Generations remain loyal to the natural paint materials used to the painting statues, which must be manually processing workers in the village are confident … The small jobs that full respect implies that become thought in the each villager wood. For the respect that many people far away to visit the village and respect for feelings, special favor with Dong Son people, who make these products are everywhere aspire for worship. Hundred years old definition remains…

Son Dong village - The famous sculpt statue village in Hanoi

Buddha goods can only carved jack wooden, because the concept, which is wood “sacred” – very appropriate for making worshiping things. Moreover, jackfruit wood characteristics flexible, soft, durable, less cracking, easy to trim. Wood transport that removed rubbish wood, only use core to carve. Single measurement instrument in the hands of the workers are gauge wire and a “Tam rule “. Head and face of statue was always processed first. Carve outline the cap (if any) and the forehead, nose, lips, ears, etc. … Ear of Buddha large and flowing, to the set a reasonable balance in the distance from the hairline (the 2 side of head) to chin, maybe ear touched the shoulder.

Gilded painting technique is also wonderful as the art of lacquer. After each stage must be grinding statue by the stone and water. Paint then grind away, then paint on …, so never saw the flat surface and stretch then use a paint layer (called Cam Thep paint) cover. For Cam Thep paint be almost dry (touch by hand feel sticky) then silver paste or gold paste (silver, gold depending on customers). Therefore, each statue by artist Dong Son remake brings a different look. These parallel sentences, horizontal board that horse, large crane, all shone bright yellow, purple, pink in the sun soon. Every product here is both harmony, has portrayed its own dynamic characteristics, requires financial resources both human mind here.

Son Dong village - The famous sculpt statue village in Hanoi

Product specialist worship, so even that the product in a manner that, workers must follow a nature religion seriously. The difficulty of manipulating the worship statue was: Whether to ensure the above requirements but do not be too rigid that must be rich realistic with honest face and good and evil, there is friendly, dignified appearance has majesty has close to humans. Only a line of touch, workers can also make sense for the whole works. These requirements, with talented hands, the Son Dong people who performs very well on the associated product name their village.

Like many other traditional villages, craft paint, wood carving of Dong Son period also accumulation and then lost in oblivion. It is time the country was anti-American, many pagodas,church was removed allow the policy of resistance, the worship, incense temporarily subsided. Many families has moved to other sectors such as textile fabrics, embroidery, knitting wool carpet… to suit the tastes, needs of the market. The ability of business acumen can make the economic life of the people Son Dong stability during the toughest time but can not make their hearts the pain about the of the ancestor job. This belief has been that many artists of that time as Mr Dau, Mr Tuong and a few others … put the product wood statue with the purpose of “making for better remember the trade” Therefore, the carpentry of the Dong Son not only lost but was restored rapidly starting in 1980, is maintained, developed until now.

Son Dong village - The famous sculpt statue village in Hanoi

Beginning class paint job, carved in the first by Nguyen Duc Dau stands out classes with more than 30 youths in the village cheerfully attendance, sculpt a statue, sculptor of Son Dong quickly relive to full talented enough features many generations. Many villagers said that because young children are always grandparents tell stories, but the area of the female Buddha, the Lieu Hanh… gradually absorbed into the flesh and blood that time.

We live in an environment diligence that is always the father cut and carve then no longer strange, but there are also people who insisted that it was a clever qualities, special talent of Dong Son with the traditional. How to explain what is reasonable, it is natural to now, besides the class outstanding artist. In Son Dong wooden village, people still see a whole youthful generation of painters, carved and are particularly interesting even in the profession. Middle aged class in the village of wood and good skilled that more than 40 people, each with a different strength, is selected, the grant awarded artists. In the village, over 200 households producing professional, not including production complex to mention the of thousands of other workers. Not just jobs in the village which is now everywhere in the country, from theSon Tay ancient citadel, Red Pagoda in Hai Phong, Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam … to Hue ancient capital, a painter of Son Dong villages bring talent to restore work, preserve the ancient historic features.