Story in Hanoi Flag Tower- A sacred symbol of Hanoi


Since 1986, a red flag with yellow star size 24 m2 always flying over Hanoi Flagpole. Keeping it holy flag is the work of officers and soldiers of Vietnam History Military Museum (VHMM).

Story in Hanoi Flag Tower- A sacred symbol of Hanoi

Construction under the Nguyen dynasty, beginning in 1805 to 1812 is complete, Hanoi Flag Tower is now building intact and most imposing monument in the Thang Long royal citadel. Currently, the Flag Tower of Hanoi is the historical, cultural, by the Hanoi Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism management , but because it is on the campus of the VHMM should look after the daily tasks assigned to this unit.

Hanoi today flagpole located on Dien Bien Phu street with its ancient conch trees growing around and beneath a luxuriant longan garden. But in a photo taken in 1890 by Louis Sadoul, a French military medical officers, regional gardens Lenin statue at the foot of the flagpole is now the lake is where the elephants because the bath of elephant of the Nguyen dynasty. But the ancient tree today when that had been planted. In the photo, can also see the French have set up semi-permanent barracks in the last column of flags to the troops.

Also during this period, the Flag Tower Hanoi French also used for observation. In the destructive wars of America, flag tower is an observation of the army air defense of Hanoi. Meanwhile, from the top of the flagpole can be seen both Hanoi and suburbs. In 1945, after the August revolution success, red flag gold star was first hung Hanoi Flag Tower. By 1954, again a national flag flying on top again history platform.

Story in Hanoi Flag Tower- A sacred symbol of Hanoi

According to the security guards of the museum exhibits VHMM, most museum visitors are required to visit the flagpole, on holidays, such as day 1 May , 2 Feb, 22 Dec, visitors have to queue. Ms. Do Thi Hanh, a museum employee, said there are people from the South, they say things like “I dreamed my whole life been to Hanoi, give me up to be proud to show off when the with children “, so can not be denied. There are people finished the visit, said the museum staff, “she is the very long life, as is keeping a very sacred relics.”

Especially among the hottest days of Hanoi, the temperature inside the column flag is always cool as air conditioning. Structure up and down the door of science also flag tower that heavy rain water does not flow to where the tower inside.

Story in Hanoi Flag Tower- A sacred symbol of Hanoi

Flag Tower of Hanoi in 1890. Photo: Louis_Sadoul

A very impressive picture of visitors each passing Hanoi Flag Tower is a red flag gold-star is always flying in the wind. Commander, Nguyen Huu Thanh, who is in charge of the protection VHMM said in 1986, under the direction of their superiors, the flag is displayed standing on top of the pole. Previously, only hung on holidays.

“Regardless of what happened at discolored, torn, we must change. Some days at 4-5 am, the veteran revolutionaries specific exercise to go through, that flag was tearing by wind immediately notice , we must change now, “said Mr Thanh. Average about 2-3 weeks to replace a flag, each year, nearly 20 flags were replaced. Brick tower atop a 12 meters-high steel columns, the Thanh commander who replaced flag by pulling a strand of silk as pulleys to flag up the top of pole.

Story in Hanoi Flag Tower- A sacred symbol of Hanoi

Stairs inside the flagpole

That flag is the size of 4m x 6m, m, area 24 m2, embroidery sewn by sewing the flag base 67 Hang Trong street, Hoan Kiem. Mr Tran Quang Minh, head of technical facilities, said the flag was made of non-glossy fabric produced domestically. To be able to withstand high winds, the roads may need only three times, corner of flag diamond shaped. Because the flag is too large, so the garment workers completed the red background, they must spread out wide to cut the floor before sewing gold star added.

Circulated at the VHMM is the story Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez when he came to Hanoi to attend an event, when the flag tower suddenly stop and ask expressed the desire to visit. The venerable president climbed down to take the top and when demanded by the souvenir. According to Commander, Mr Thanh, when the Dien Bien Phu street, Hugo Chavez expressed his appreciation before this particular project should have been asking to visit.