Tay Ho palace- A famous place in West Lake


Along the bushy road of the villa in Tay Ho in Hanoi capital, between the lotus seed-pod to fall in line with gloaming the sun, the island is small because it is past “ground gold fish” protruding between the sparkling water, right is the posture “dragon head, dragon body,” of making guests feel the positive-negative treatment, his soul in a strange message.

Overcoming Tay Ho palace gate, imposing ancient trees, the way to the edges by bending corner lake,the willows trees reflect in the lake to bring visitors walk up to two rare Voi trees found with large trees and a verdure written immediately before the Son Trang cavern, bunch reaching the roots of the water for birds build nest. Beauty scenery is one of the reasons Tay Ho palace has always attracted visitors to the cross by land as well as ferry on the West lake. Legend of the cultural belief is recognized as historical national level this is causing many appreciative visitors.

The queen of the Church in Tay Ho palace is the Tong Thuong, ancient Thien Phung district (this is the area Yen Phu, Nghi Tam, Tay Ho, Quang Ba, Xuan La, Van Dau) manner that is Quynh Hoa is a daughter of The jade Emperor in solitary submitting Thien Cung, it fell by offering cups of wine for wish for Ngoc Tho ceiling down to the first pregnancy as Giang Tien – daughters of the Le Thai An Thai – Van Cat – Vu Ban – Nam Dinh in 1557. I grew up coloring with excellent hearing, the excellent poetry contest, but get her husband and children – a son, a daughter – Giang Tien return the sky. Downgraded her first hearing to meet with the relatives, have nereid Que Nuong, Thi Nuong protection; two times show flexibility to do the former, punishment gangster teaser User, Please show on the others and excursions throughout landscape, downgraded to pen poetry.

The bell in Tay Ho palace
The bell in Tay Ho palace

Legend has said that land in Tay Ho palace today, Quynh Hoa has been drawn a poetry of the Bung master Phung Khac Khoan (first interlocutory in Lang Son) in a few goals of her owner’s room towel lunar, few days back Bung master saw both disappear and consistent, only immense lake. Quynh Hoa was the people in worship, named Lieu Hanh princess is one of four immortal, the broken mirror of itself get created happiness. Lieu Hanh princess by the time the concept has become a form of power and body size, body and spirit into command like aspects of the universe: Mau Cuu Thien Huyen Nu manage celestial dispensation, Mau Thuong Ngan manage mountains and forests, Mau Thuy (or Mau Thoai) command on the river beach, show sincere admiration, important role of mother.

On the fifteenth of the lunar month, the first of month, not only those Hanoi, that the direction of guests from many other places also pull together on, just go for the ceremony to form an all good and lucky, just contemplate the beauty of a Western property.