Tay Nguyen statues in tomb – unique architecture in Vietnam


The statues in tomb is the art form unique sculpture, a character in the traditional Tay Nguyen culture. The works of this type was launched at the time put for the tomb ceremony with purpose serving the dead (the Tay Nguyen people called ghosts)



Tay Nguyen statues in tomb - unique architecture in Vietnam


Put the tomb ceremony is a festival associated with most ethnic minorities have a life of shifting cultivation, nomadic in the Tay Nguyen. Their perception when put the tomb was finished then really ghosts return to their ancestors, grandparents, to start a “life” in new afterlife. Since then, the relationship between living with the dead will be end. Bring the sacred meaning then put the tomb ceremony is big holidays every year, attracting a large number of participants, usually occur in spring in the village cemetery.

To prepare the ceremony, in addition to renovating the tomb, prepared food, Can wine …, people do not forget to make statue that placed in the tomb. In beautiful houses tomb statue made of precious woods such as Huong wood, Ca Chit, can withstand rain and sun over many years outdoors. The Huong trees, Ca Chit must be over 10 years of age (about 2 arm length, approximately 30cm in diameter) are eligible to make statues. Before carved statues, one must worship the god, the god of communal house, god of river wharf for permission.

Tay Nguyen statues in tomb - unique architecture in Vietnam

The statues shows the main tomb in the array, block, rather than going into details. Posture, mental status of the subjects they want to look like. People hold babies, people get water, people carrying baskets, people crying, people beat gongs and drums, people share Lam rice, naked woman, the couple are doing the survival of the species is a natural way the light of day … That is the reproduction of life is a vivid, rich. The statue had become even more impressive when the embellish colors. A range of blue, red, yellow, black, white … can be devised from the roots, leaves, tree bark in the forest. The patterns on the costumes feature the color scheme is also very flexible.

The statues in tomb varied in terms of size, people often use the unit of measurement arm is to estimate. Each statues is equal to an average of half arm length, which half arm length buried in the ground, a arm length of emergence statue body . All statues are buried around the tomb area.

Tay Nguyen statues in tomb - unique architecture in Vietnam

The Tay Nguyen statue in tomb through the creative hands of artists, contain confidential information society, the community deeply. They are both works of art, just bring spiritual thoughts, but not create a sense of isolation but on the contrary, very familiar, friendly with everyone. Almost every village in Gia Rai, Ba Na, E De, Xo Dang … we can also see the tomb of the population. Seem solitary, chairman of the statue have fade gradually as travelers increasingly frequented more to contemplate…

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