Thang noodles ( Bun Thang Hanoi ) – Famous vietnamese food


On the world, water is the food’s delicious. Russian fish eggs are, with Italian Pizza, The Netherlands with cheese, Chinese food is too much. Vietnam also has the delicious dishes of their own. To say that no art to it is not fully. It is soft noodles (Bún)!

There are dozens of noodle dishes, from school, eat meals for the last, to eat breakfast, lunch, eat at night, in daily meals of rice, banquet, noodle … Tet appear by the interests of many people. Common and inexpensive as broken rice, shrimp paste noodle , for rural girls is only very poor eating right place for beach grass, try to replace the broken rice, noodle bean meals for a lunch of many employees, it is simple, homely , cheap fast food, appropriate for the few hours.

Chả noodle the specialties of Hanoi, from the noodle upset bamboo , noodle upset dogs, noodle springines

Thang noodles( B�n Thang H� N?i ) -  Famous vietnamese food

Indian taro, noodle snail eating hot food and cold, broken rice, noodle crab soup(riêu cua), noodle fish farming of cress, noodle rolling, noodle nem, noodle sort of sour soup cooked ribs, noodle eating the pie …

There is noodle dishes has become a good high level, does not appear in regular, not for anyone jump gold or wasting food. It is good for the, care, and an elaborately opportunity is long in the new surface as the fun day out. It is Thang noodles (bún Thang). Thang means cultivation, but it is not broken rice, noodle cooking sound farming or perch, fish fruits, or is it … it’s full of artistic personality, only that they, not the same one.

It is the noodle with waters, often called “water use”.Cooking thang noodle meals last month as it takes time, and in the house must have good housewife housewifery, double, careful, caring, have “skill” from the traditional grandmother, mother of remote ancient kin .

Thang noodles( B�n Thang H� N?i ) -  Famous vietnamese food

Must first be used to fresh water from the protein but not at all sweet and sugar. To this, must boil chickens, pigs bone tunnels, always rolling boil tons, some people stand out and move bubble. Drop string here he dried shrimp. Absolute prohibition of cattle bones will cause smell.

In a noodle bowls, people will see it take before the explosion smoke burns the tongue may or head to each position, a corner of each bowl.

Eggs un slim, slice threadlike gold as a metal species soaked shirt embroidered on the king. Pie soft white silk also slightly pink in just so. Lean chicken meat, brown leg of chicken, white non eel pieces, gold skin, but not in smithereens, it is a combination of colors. To pick up the shrimp as cotton, cotton-called pick up, pick up is not for pork will be long. Add a few dried beet skerry, containing, trees, have strange taste …

Each is set in a corner on the bowls, the first things they do. The top of the page for more color in non ron blue water: not raw vegetables, flowers in the small  and vegetables is the ram with the small sping onion.

Missing leafy vegetables is fail , said that the lack of properly is noodle dishes . Add some shrimp pasteoutside, before souse hot water use, she asked the owners to see who is eating, who do not eat the shrimp paste to give a first floating position. Correct cotyledon succulent shrimp, debt, noodle bowls little grace, but many people are scold smell of it, and bear.

Here, noodle bowls has almost fully to the birth, passion to numb the tongue, but first the eyes, the nose is inhaling as many color and flavor … But drilling for moments. It is not complete, but lacking a little dead-end line of high aquatic hands allowed to become strangers. Housewife to get a small glass bottle but in the beginning and then locked the key in each bowl of broken rice, noodle months. What is the direction, the direction it’s thousand years of Vietnam, as incense thousand years of the beach home. What started. The ball is sticky rice with beans of coffee from the book to not ever know.

Only a temporary lock oil, is not lacking. Do not know who first Vietnam has to think of some coffee flavor to bowl well as noodle million to ecstatic, since people living in the country to his first tour away from home always remember bamboo of the field, thinking about food rustic but very precious, they report.

About 30 years, writers Thach Lam has duplicate items on the trade in Phu Doan street that: “… He (buyer Pho) add a little coffee flavor also, as a suspect.” Sentence was seventy-six years, but it will still be present in the cultural life Vietnamese cuisine. This is also a coffee flavor you, no one eat it with food that pho with noodle spring-rolls, the richer the cake to the stock culture. Can not be analyzed by pen Thach Lam, that there is or not, or is not available. Suspect may be true also is only illusion. Coffee flavor is also damaged is damaged in the real prices? noodle bowls months also a little coffee flavor like new life to complete it and are ready to consecrate. Holidays, four day festival, of Tet many families have choice thang noodle with warm air and happiness

Thang noodles( B�n Thang H� N?i ) -  Famous vietnamese food

Many years ago, Dong Xuan market, Mrs Am had noodle dishes perfectly delicious. Many girls feel sometimes left Sunday is to ask each other on this one bowl of food until they have children, they still have them keep it sticky. Thang noodle have to bowl to eat, bowl type automobile. Only a bowl of food is enough, perhaps as preparation for the second bowl loss too many, or on broken rice, noodle dishes are arched, more food to bowl to one leg, it’s the new hot, hot to pieces last. Thang noodle not need to eat vegetables included as noodle crab soup broken rice, noodle building … as vegetables will reduce the hot water used as wishy-washy, poor appetite because, flavor, and sweetness.

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