The charm of the lake in Da Lat


Although located in the center or outskirts, the lake in Da Lat are associated with legends of love beautiful couples, increases dreamlike character to the city smog.

Ho Xuan Huong lake

The charm of the lake in Da Lat

Located in the heart of Dalat, Xuan Huong Lake is considered as “charm” indispensable of the city’s  fog. The lake is crescent nearly 7 km away many tourist places such as city parks, Yersin parks, Cu hill … In the morning or afternoon, the lake was soon covered with dew, bird gurgling. When night came, the romantic lake with lights sneezing from roadside kiosks. Visitors can walk along the lake, ride horses or traveling on a motorcycle line, around the lake.

Than Tho lake

The charm of the lake in Da Lat

Than Tho lake distance center of city 6km towards Chi Lang. Time of French name is Las des Soupirs Lake. After 1976, the lake called Vapour lake, but visitors still called Than Tho (lament) lake.

The name associated with the legend of the faithful love of a young couples. Stories tell that two people love each other earnestly, but as obligations to the country, he brushed the personal feeling to the war. Baggage to bring the faithful promise of the girl he loved.

One day, death news reports from the battlefield to come. Bitter because boy friend to go, she went to marked where the oath, down oneself  for integrity love. The war ended, the boy returned, heard that girl friend suicidal because of me. He also select down oneself  into the lake to keep intact their vows. Take pity on young couple, pines wood murmur sounded like wail.

Tuyen Lam lake

The charm of the lake in Da Lat

Tuyen Lam lake distance Da Lat 5km. Lake is derived from the legendary Tia streams and sits between the vast pine forests. Blue lake year round, rarely have large waves. Scattered among them are small blue island.

On sunny days, using canoes or sailing excursions on the lake, visitors will admire the grass-green hill, sloping hillsides. If you prefer, you can cross at any one island, sleeping hammocks strung between pine trees or enjoying the mountains or specialty seafood fished the lake.

Dan Kia lake

The charm of the lake in Da Lat

Ho Dan Kia distance center of Dalat 12km towards north. This is where in 1893, Dr. A. Yersin ecstasy before the beauty of the Langbiang highlands and then gave birth to the idea of setting up a rest station, the predecessor of today’s city of Da Lat. There is such a rich history but destination only included to serve tourists in recent times. Lake as a beautiful women is sleeping under pine trees. Below the lake Dankia a waterfall, known as 7-storey waterfall. This season, large terrace and spectacular waterfall.

Nhim lake

The charm of the lake in Da Lat

Nhim lake is located midway between Phan Rang to Dalat, Don Duong district, distance 40km east of Dalat. Nhim lake area of 9.7 km, at an altitude of approximately 1.042m. Nhim lake hidden under the green pine tree, with soft folds of gliding like an immense mirror. When the wind stops blowing, the lake without a ripple. When it rains, the lake as the water drops dancing in a lively song.

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