The interesting symbol legend of Hanoi


Legendary about Thang Long includes: “Golden Dragon, Golden buffalo , Iron Horse, Golden Turtle” which summarize from the popular legend, and the role of the mascot in the spiritual life of Vietnamese. Each species there is a mysterious area associated with a certain period of national history in a thousand time series in the capital of culture building.


Hoan Kiem lake
Golden Dragon: The legend of the Golden Dragon directly associated with the name of Thang Long over a thousand years. Thang Long means dragon fly. Old story has it that the ancient food of the Red River with Xac Cao lake (also called the Trau Vang (Golden Buffalo) lake point link is at the estuary Bai Say (Truc Bach Lake today). In 1010, King Ly Cong Uan rowing against the Red River to see here is a dragon fly, for that is good things. He decided to move the capital, took the name of Thang Long. It is originated from the development the new center began forming political economy of Thang Long in business and continuous development to become the capital of Hanoi today. The choice of the dragons flying through a thousand years has confirmed deep vision width of King Ly, to Dai Viet entering a new era. Imagery gold dragons signaled the potential for strong development of economic prosperity as well as the capital of ancient city now.

Iron Horse: Legendary of Iron Horse area comes from the legend Thanh Giong fight enemy. Thanh Giong in one of the immortal quartet of Vietnam. Thanh Giong is the boy 3 year old claim king cast iron horse, iron rod, iron armor to go fight against their enemy. Thanh Giong rise up body to become as large hero. Iron horse help Thanh Giong to defeat An enemy and help bring peace for country and then bring Thanh Giong go to the heaven. The processing to the iron horse Iron corresponding period iron age used in country, marking major turning point in the development of the history of civilized nations early.Iron tools were used as a weapon to fight against their enemy instead of bronze and stone age.

Truc Bach lake
Truc Bach lake

Golden buffalo: Actually is a myth has it Khong Lo buddhist priest alone go to the North to the right to education, medical cure for crown prince the King of North Korea (China). He was the king reward more gold, silver, valuables. But he did not get, just ask a co-holder of three bags full of a gang. The king agreed, allowing him to store the same, taking as many as you like. How is his collection to the end of the ten storage pockets and still not full. He brought the bag to the boat but the boat does not bear the weight of popular number on the back he was wearing. He came riding his hats instead of boat, cavalier downstream home. On water, neglect the right to bring North Korea is casting a bell same black. There are strange things, bell casting done, type up, free wine bank to China. The golden buffalo in China believe is a store called the mother, running voice to our country.

Sunset in West lake
Sunset in West lake

Monks stopped for fear of gold and silver bell type China to end our country will cause conflict two countries. Monks bell rolling down Dam Dam (now West lake). Find not mother, buffalo gold decreased whole land. Yellow bell rung once before finally falling water. Taurus also jumped into the lake disappear. Since then, the neglect of the religious people of his profession and cast up the temple next to West lake. He was also the title of King Ly confer god caster.

Golden tortoise: Today still stored communication with the area of King Le borrowed sword god to defeat Minh enemy. The sword that the king of gods Kim Quy for king sword handle that Le Loi found on top of a tree deep in the woods combine with sword in the golden glow of the boy was rescued when Le Than fishing on river. That consensus from the plains to the mountainous general information on the owner. God sword in hand helped Le Loi defeat enemy troops. When peaceful, King sailed on Luc Thuy lake, gold turtle emerged demanding golden sword to pay for Lac Long Quan king. King sword drawn toward throwing turtle, turtle god fast as lightning event and get deeper lake bottom. Since then, Luc Thuy lake also called Hoan Kiem lake today. Iconic give back sword it shows the love of peace of the nation and Vietnam. A thousand years have passed, people in mind capital city in particular and people of the country in general: Golden Dragon, Golden Turtle, Buffalo Gold and Iron Horse, went deep into the subconscious of people with deep meaning their identity. Today and tomorrow, noble Thang Long will continue co-operating with children in colorful sacred mystery, Capital Construction Games match with the flying dragons