The name of Hanoi through period history – about city nearly 1000 years old


Thang Long – Ha Noi is the oldest capital in the history of Vietnam. The land area of this masterpiece before becoming the capital of Vietnam under the reign of Ly (1010) was based townships of land of the Tuy period (581-618), Duong (618-907 ) of the Northern feudalism. Since its formation until now, Thang Long – Hanoi has many names, is divided into two categories: regular and not regular, in chronological order as follows:Regular name: The name of the copy in the history of the dynasties, the State of Vietnam officially out:

Thang Long - Hanoi ancient

Long Do: Legend has it that, at the Cao Bien – a famous general reign of Duong dynasty (China- dominate vietnam), in 866 to cover with Dai La citadel, seeing relatives show up claiming to be god Long Do. Thus the history of land commonly known Thang Long as Long Do. Long Do known as the spirit of Bach Ma, Thang Long’s royal land, the church in Bach Ma Temple, the eastern towns of Thang Long in Thang Long four keeping. Long Do (which means “navel dragon”, is also the Nung mountain of legend), also refers to the land of Thang Long-Hanoi ancient. Spirit mountain Long Do, where the gas receiving holy mountain rivers of the land business Thang Long, the gods of protection for people’s Thang Long industrial peace.

Tong Binh: is the name of office of four Northern domination period Tuy(581-618), Duong (618-907). Previously, our office is in the Long Bien (Bac Ninh today). Tuy reign move to Tong Binh.

Dai La: Dai La or Dai La Thanh within the former name of which encase the outside Capital city. Ancient architecture, capital city often have 3 class: After the purple forbidden City (mean: red purple citadel), where the king and royal family, between the Imperial Cities and the Dai La to the outside. In 866, Cao Bien accretion more firmly into broader and bottles than before. Since then, the city is called to Dai La.

Thang Long - Hanoi ancient
Thang Long ancient

Thang Long (dragon fly). This is the computer name is the most literary, sexy most of the names of Hanoi. Book of Vietnamese historian know why the name is formed as follows: “In the autumn, in July of Canh Tuat (1010) King from the Hoa Lu citadel, moved the capital to Dai La, temporarily parked the boat , which show up in yellow dragon boat, people called it renamed Thang Long “

Dong Do: Book of Vietnamese historian said: “Summer in April in 1397 from second incommand Le Han Thuong seem palace as Dong Do. In the Information Director of the Vietnam draft entries, the Nguyen committee note: “Dong Do was Thang Long, then known as Thanh Hoa was Tay Do, Thang Long was Dong Do”.

Dong Quan: This is the name of Thang Long by the Minh army set out for functions that discriminate against the imperial city of Vietnam, only for the “door of the East” of the State of feudal China. Using old said, in 1408, the father Minh defeated the Ho Quy Ly in the Dong Do renamed Dong Quan.

Dong Kinh: Books Vietnamese history for the birth of this name as follows: “Summer, April in 1427 , King Le Loi from Bo De out stay Dong Kinh after change date to Thuan Thien, builded national brand Dai Viet capital in Dong Kinh On the 15, King acceded in Dong Kinh, that is, Thang Long. Because Thanh Hoa had Tay Do, so called Thang Long as DongKinh.

Bac Thanh: dynasty Tay Son (Nguyen Hue – Quang Trung 1787-1802). Since closing the capital at Phu Xuan (Hue city now) should call Thang Long is Bac Thanh.

Thang Long (Mean: Commonwealth over). Calendar of Hanoi capital, said: “In 1802, Gia Long decided to play at the old city in the Phu Xuan (Hue today), don’t come the Thang Long, Nguyen Van Thanh as President and towns on the North and chage Thang Long to the northern towns. Capital Cities has made trips to the towns named Thang Long will also need to change. But as the name of Thang Long has a long life, people familiar with the whole country, should not see Gia Long means to immediately remove the remains of Thang Long name, but changed the word “Long” is the Dragon of the word “Long” is the Commonwealth, from the evidence that the dragon represents the king, this king is not here is not used the word ” Long “means” dragon “.

The changes mentioned above occurred in 1805, then King Gia Long also ordered the old abandoned because the king is not in the capital Thang Long, the Thang Long Royal greater than width.

Thang Long - Hanoi ancient
Hanoi: Book History of Hanoi capital, said: “In 1831, King Minh Mang brings Thang Long with some former government district around the Tu Liem, Ung Hoa palace, Ly Nhan palace and Thuong Tin palace set of Ha Noi, from sector to Thang Long former capital of Hanoi.

Not regular name: The names in literature, poetry, fork song, proverb … refers to the Thang Long – Hanoi.

Truong An (or Trang An): Capital is the name of the imperial city of two dynasties of the most prosperous of China: Tien Han (206 before AD – 8 after AD) and Duong (618-907). Thus, the ancient confucian Vietnamese used as a common noun only capital. Since then also the more popular use of the fork song, proverbs only the capital of Thang Long.


“Not fragrant can also jasmine
Not elegant can also Trang An people”

Trang An obvious word here is to address the capital Thang Long.

Long Bien: mandarin capital where the Han Dynasty, Nguy, Tan, Southern and Northern Dynasties (Century III, IV, V and VI) of closed offices of the Giao Chau (name of Vietnam time). Then, sometimes used in poetry written to refer to Thang Long – Hanoi.

Long Thanh: The abbreviated name of Thang Long. Tay Son-time, Ngo Ngoc Du poet , home in Hai Duong, from down by his grandfather to Thang Long opened schools and do drugs. Ngo Ngoc Du saw the match victory in Dong Da- Ngoc Hoi – of King Quang Trung. After winning spring Ky Dau (1789), Ngo Ngoc Du Long has written article about recovery Long Thanh).

Ha Thanh: The abbreviated name of the city of Hanoi is used much in poetry to refer to Hanoi. For example: Ha Thanh song by Nguyen Van Giai, Ha Thanh fall, Ha Thanh know meaning by Ba Giai.

Thang Long - Hanoi ancient
Hoang Dieu: Immediately after the August Revolution – 1945, sometimes in the press in Vietnam use this name to refer to Hanoi.

Also, in speaking of the time, also many words used to refer to Thang Long – Hanoi such as Ke Cho (Good hand job or land margins Tell – Tell your master mechanic wise), Upper Economy, called to say capital on land anywhere in the country, used to refer to the capital Thang Long (such as jasmine fragrant also, such calendars can also Thuong Kinh people). Economy States, this name says land capital closed (Business First period, Second City Charter).

Category called “non regular” of Thang Long – Hanoi is used rather more flexible in literature, fork songs … since this is not the end of the