The summer refreshment in Ta Hien’s beer street


Choose for yourself a little corner on Ta Hien street, enjoy fresh beer and watch the flow of people through the heat that is how many foreign visitors to Hanoi when choosing these days.

Approximately 100 m long linking Hang Bac street to Hang Buom street, Ta Hien is one of the most famous streets in the old town center. Not spacious, windy as Hoan Kiem Lake or West Lake but the street attracts a large number of young people and foreign tourists come every afternoon. With closely adjacent buildings, people look to this small street not to elect sucked in the cool breeze, but sometimes simply as a beverage beer and chatting with friends.

The summer refreshment with Ta Hien's beer street
Specialty in Ta Hien is beer, because that’s beverages are sold and consumed mostly in the street. Visitors came to the city whether any rows, from bar amnesty sidewalk bars are to be found in the menu of beers as beer bottles, fresh beer or stout… accompanied by all kinds of food as boiled peanuts, nem chua, Phung rolls, fried potatoes, fried rolls.

The whole point of the Ta Hien restaurant is decorated in a simple style and friendly service. Wooden or plastic chairs outside the sidewalk just as seat, just as the table is very convenient. Visitors will be able to call a beer and sat and talked for hours without fear of being disturbed. In the relaxed atmosphere, cool taste of beer thirst quickly dispelled between oi hot weather, served along with snacks can help you cross out all day.

Despite being familiar drinks, can be found in many places but when enjoying a beer in Ta Hien, we again feel its very own flavor. It’s the flavor of life when choosing your seat and watch like the old houses in the light evening begins with the line through it each day.

Therefore, it seems that the hot, stuffy as makes people look on the street more. Sometimes you will not find in this space if on the weekends. The crowded brasserie start from about 17 pm, when the sun faded and the sun was hidden behind the ancient buildings 2, 3 floor that flooded streets in the shade.

Visitors to Ta Hien mostly backpacking tourism from many parts of the world. After walking for hours each way to discover, in the corner of the Hanoi old Quarter, stop in here and drinking a beer beverage experience is hard to ignore. New friends, stories of place has to go through that every person sitting here as closer.

The summer refreshment with Ta Hien's beer street

Not only beer, Ta Hien also welcomes visitors with Vietnamese food characterized street foods as pancakes, mix noodles, grilled quail… With an extensive menu and a special Ha Thanh’s taste, may will take a some of afternoons, a new experience preferred guests can enjoy all the delicacies here. Then when the sun shadow receded, replaced by street lights glowing, they hit the road and find yourself with new experiences and explore about Hanoi.