There is a Hanoi city, Hanoi countryside


” Despite you can go over the world
The heart still remember about Hanoi
Capital darling
A time of bullet and bomb
A period of peace ”

Despite going all over the sky, please remember to Hanoi. Hanoi, my beloved capital city. A time bomb shells, a time of peace. ” The love Thang Long – Ha Noi yesterday and today are completely raw in the hearts of millions of Vietnamese citizen.

There is a Hanoi city, Hanoi countryside

Thirty-some years, Hanoi is my only trip, return journey. By then at that time, take leave of childhood to catch cicada climb Sau trees, retired from adolescence began fall in love when go to school in Quynh lane, my central coastal city.

But, even moss Hanoi city or immense Hanoi countryside style with me, still in Hanoi as a drawer filled with memories.

I remember the Long Bien bridge with shoulders to meniscus mound bring woman shape who was cycling back to the Red River. The humpback, head down. Hardy and strange … American bomb drop many, my dad from the construction of the Duc Giang cycling Hanoi brought me to evacuate.

December, drizzle, me- cotton shirt behind when asleep sin when. My dad told, when I throw hands did not see the me, he was back to panic, as seen when I sleep as potato on the sphere ! My dad now is coming away by errors in the “Big nest” bombs the U.S. dropped it too many Long Bien, not the fault of the father, Dad!

I remember my pond where I submerge during the time of evacuation. Piece of my grandmother pond to Hoan Kiem lake 38 milestones, the Phu Xuyen – Ha Tay, which now remain. The other, the village ponds has become part of Hanoi.

The afternoon guide buffalo, cooked rice by straw. The spacious yard with rice tray with field crab soup, fried shrimp, eggplant very crisp.

The afternoon lied the bridge of the pond, look at the sun afternoon dusk, waiting for trains running through the bamboo trees in the distance. That time train ran by coal, long black light smokers. The years go on, when the hair containing mist, still looking lie down for the pond. That’s where we really rare for such moments thinking what …

Hanoi extensive hours ago, has both city and countryside. Here it does not sound complaining about Hanoi is no longer a country, Hanoi city streets losing quality street.

Modern times, people begin to recognize the startling “city without memory.” Actually the land, cities are also cultural treasure containing objects and not objects. But it was the planners dismissed by the whirlwind blur gradually clearing and construction.

Memories of Hanoi are powerful to those who live in it and those who travel.

The corner awning of bringing Hanoi soul, do not touch.

A piece of village ponds and even take place in Hanoi, then please just a piece of countryside ponds.

By someone who knows the price that people can know how many rich … thanks memories.