Thien Cam beach – Discovery wild beauty of Ha Tinh


Go Thien Cam, visitors will enjoy sweet drinks but no place to have. From the mountains, a groundwater flow. Rumors that the old days when summer comes, the fairy has landed Thien Cam and bathing in the well. Maybe so, known as Tien(fairy ) well . Thien Cam is a beautiful small island as Hon En, Hon Boc.

Thien Cam beach - Discovery wild beauty of Ha Tinh

  If you go on holiday, swimming in the summer, please stop at the Thien Cam beach (Cam Xuyen – Ha Tinh) by which this is not merely a wild beauty, clean environment quiet and promises much great for a holiday, it is also associated with many fascinating historical story.

Thien Cam beach like a bow stretched nearly three miles starting from Thien Cam mountain to Dau Voi mountain, along with Cum Nay (big mountain) and Cum Con(little mountain) makes the Gold musical instrument keyboard obstruct the access Ky La river, for this clear stream winding and the sea.

Thien Cam beach - Discovery wild beauty of Ha Tinh

Thien Cam impression with visitors since the first name. Thien Cam means Gold musical instrument, Legend of the Hung Vuong(the first king of Van Lang) going to hear this heavenly music should be set name, but another story has it that Ho Quy Ly(the king of Vietnam) when run through here, the arrest should be called Thien Cam (Heaven catch).

Visit Thien Cam you’ll admire the beauty of the sea, the mountains. Blue sea, cool. Small waves rolling everything away and reveal the white sand beach stretches, smooth as silk.

Thien Cam beach - Discovery wild beauty of Ha Tinh

Only at the Thien Cam visitors can hear the wonderful sound of the sea wind, the sound waves, leaves the ring sound shines on the cliffs forming the melodious music bring tourists to a wonderful domain with a moments of comfort, immensely relieved. Here we like to enjoy the music of wind, sea waves.

The distance is the small island, beautiful and mysterious, the moments of comfort in the Thien Cam, in which visitors can play with boats and drop the soul between the vast sky or wallow in the blue water on a small beach.

Thien Cam beach - Discovery wild beauty of Ha Tinh

Guests have a Boc island – home to a beautiful beach facing the sea ice, waves, intense white. The return to shore is the ideal beach freak waves, calm, gentle to soothe.

Leaving the Boc island, the boat will take visitors visit the of Tien beach below foot of Tuong mountain. The beach pile sand and cave mix with just salt fresh water separate limit, demarcation depending on the tides in and out. Scattered under the cliff are the trappers cuckoo, lobster diving, catching sea urchins.

Thien Cam beach - Discovery wild beauty of Ha Tinh

Obstruct the access Thien Cam beach that  Thien Cam mountain language friendly. Mountains are not high, but forming a charming scenic mountains and water. How the foothills not far from Yen Lac pagoda- the ancient temple still retains a well-known treasures such as “10 king administer hell.”


Thien Cam beach - Discovery wild beauty of Ha Tinh

 Not only is scenic, cool shower, go where tourists can enjoy the specialties here, such as cuckoo , lobsters, squid, Nhuong fish sauce …

Thien Cam is now one of the tourist attraction of Ha Tinh.

Thien Cam beach - Discovery wild beauty of Ha Tinh

 Some tips to come HaTinh

What to eat:
Seafood here is always available, fresh, and quite cheap. Levels can be purchased at the village early in the morning and cooked by people or by the hut owners are prepared and cooked.

Where to stay:
Along the beach there are many other motels and hotels with good quality, very affordable price (around 20$/room 2 bed – 4 people can living)

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