Thien Son-Suoi Nga – the wild beauty of Hanoi


According to National Highway 32 or Lang – Hoa Lac Highway to Son Tay town, then turn left onto the Ba Vi national park, you will go to the ecologic tourist area Thien Son – Suoi Nga.

Thien Son-Suoi Nga

Thien Son – Suoi Nga is located east of the mountains in Ba Vi of Ba Vi district, Hanoi capital, where the people known as Tan Vien Son. Here associated with the legend of King Hung choose a son in law for Mi Nuong princess, and took out the power race duel between Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh ( a vietnamese legend)

To Vien Son, you’ll enjoy the scene agreed upon health nature and relax in the fresh atmosphere of the mountains and forests .

Tourist destination is divided into three main areas.

Thien Son-Suoi Nga

Entering into an area, you will be visiting Ha Son lake with poetic landscape, sitting on the Vong Lau for relaxing or view lake by cygnus boat . Then, walking to the cuisine of the ridge lies the unique architectural style as the ancient cave, decorated by the brilliant light in color. Relax in the villa on high, learn about the rare plants of the Ba Vi National Park.

Thien Son-Suoi Nga
In the afternoon, you can rest on the floor of the house is pretty invisible in the second to enjoy glutinous cakes, chicken curry fried delicious, fancy and specialty cuisine of the origin and role rate entertainment other entertainment. Here you can also participate in program workshops, camping, cultural art activities.

Thien Son-Suoi Nga

After the break, you’ll enjoy tourism products: climbing mountains, wading streams, bathing lake, watching the foot waterfall waterfall … Partly towering gate, white water silver , you can mix heaven and earth to relax. Then slowly roam the roads on cliff slopes, which make up human nature and rowing, fishing relaxing.

Thien Son-Suoi Nga

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