Think of clock pole- a time of Hanoi


Those who have occasion to go through the Chuong Duong bridge can see a clock on a 4 square cast iron columns. This is the location of ancient Clock pole, a place to went nostalgic many people of Hanoi.

Think of clock pole- a time of Hanoi
Clock pole in the past …

The watch that we observe today is a 4-sided clock, stainless steel frames, pole make cast iron, run by solar batteries, a battery power backup. Controller placed at the foot of the pillar. Clock pole is transported from France in Long Bien market – Hanoi in 1905, has broken a long time. The 12 bridge company when constructed intersections the South of Chuong Duong bridge has to rebuild.

Clock placed in that position not only helps people pass time but also save the bookmarks view that before the bridge, in this space each have a round the clock, also put on a cast-iron pole.

Formerly, the clock is so precious and rare things then Hanoi had some clock hours for the public to inform the public. A located at the Hang Dau street, near the road leading to the Long Bien bridge, a company located on the roof of Godard (The following general groceries, now the Hanoi Plaza), located on the top half of the Anpo company that sells watches in cross-road of Cua Nam street. There is also a clock mounted in front of Cathedral and Hang Co station …

Think of clock pole- a time of Hanoi
… and now

However, only the clock at the Chuong Duong bridge by the French put derelict the large space, on a cast iron pole with a very fine texture, like lampposts popular contemporaries. When there is no bridge, there is a wide range of land next to a very important road in Hanoi. It is the path runs along the Red River and turn to the old neighborhood, the gateway to the inner city.

That day, just below the clock pole is crowded boat docks, one of a French, one of American and one of the company Giang Hai Bach Thai company – King of North River Road: Bach Thai Buoi. Immediately adjacent to the pole on the clock now Hang Tre street, the headquarters of the company is building with three-storey house, with green stone floor below. The clock was put here to serve the client as a boat landing from the missed.

Since the flooding in 1925-1926, the new government when it up levees along the river and open the gate to go outside the yard. Since then, around the clock column no longer crowded, became deserted. The famous place “Clock pole” becoming the meeting place member of the underworld, where the fighting of each other. “A fighting go to the Clock pole” became a … challenged.

Under the French, the clock pole management of postal industry and if the clock does not run or run wrong with person wristwatch check that the responsible person shall have the automatic to stop work.

February 17, 1947, the battalion of Capital Regiment withdrew from the capital, marched to Clock column over the Red River dyke, Long Bien bridge going north to Dong Anh. Clock pole became silent witness of the day Hanoi “decide to die for the country to live.

Clock 2 hand of Hang Co station bombed in the USA reduced to dust in 1972, when people want to know the time that pedaled to the Nha Tho street to see.

The years 1960 – 1975, many public clocks are not much attention, memory at the wind-up, forget it leave time, so the clock running, died or sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. Most of the public clocks pole have been removed in the late in 80′s to go into the memory of the old Hanoi people.

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