Thu Hong bamboo – Northern village characteristics


The ancients have a saying:

Bat Trang pottery

Van Phuc silk village

Thu Hong bamboo

Ngu Xa cast bronze … “

Thu Hong bamboo - Northern village characteristics

Ever since ancient fishing reminiscent of the land to the village famous. Everyone knows that Bat Trang pottery, Van Phuc silk, Ngu Xa casting but knew about the village of Thu Hong bamboo – a quiet village, the peaceful winding Ca Lo river.

This ancient village is the village of Thu Thuy, Xuan Thu commune, Soc Son district, near Ca Lo river flow to Cau river, confluence Xa which highway 16 runs through. This is a riverside village, Thu Hong hidden under bamboo dust, specific trait of the Northern village.

With terrain, that villagers living along Ca Lo river, make a raft, pull hoof livelihood. Previously, hundreds of households employed bamboo small village became vibrant with the sound of sawing, carve, cut …

Legend, the past two brothers, Truong Hong, Truong Hat are the property of the Viet Vuong Trieu Quang Phuc. When the time of birth, two by helping Trieu Viet Vuong up many famous victories, has suicide on Nhu Nguyet river to show loyalty.

To commemorate the merits of the 2 Army general, people in villages along the river up the temple. By the time of King Le Hien Tong had to confer a little on Thu Hong village worship two talented generals to the tutelary spirit. Every year on September 12th lunar month, villagers Thu Hong open meeting, palanquin mass, sacrifice.

That day, villages side dyke throughout the year only rice plant, there is nothing to build temple worship tutelary spirit. Around the village when it should only bamboo then people of village make temple from availability of this material.

Over the years, eventually they do all things in the house are using bamboo from the basket to the table, chairs, settee, bamboo bed, bamboo bench. Initially, these products only for their daily needs in the family, rather than being seen as a commodity.

However, under the skillful hands, creative of Thu Hong people , the products made from bamboo that is popular around people, become commodities without noticing it. Bamboo in the village is not enough, people may be moving bamboo from another area.

To create a perfect bamboo products, artisans are very skillful , have aesthetic eye. Stages to find suitable materials are also very meticulous. Looking beautiful bamboo, people must buy in Hai Duong, Bac Kan, or to buy the bamboo village get the tree to the different products.

With bamboo, workers get body of bamboo to make the foot of the bed, bamboo bench, chairs. Hand bamboo made handicrafts, han script Chinese character, decorative chairs, bamboo splint bench, bamboo splint of bed, foot of bamboo make statue as the Phuc, Loc, Tho …

With skillful hands and the virtues of diligence, hard work, the product of the artisans village but simple but strong, durable and beautiful. The villagers are very bright apprenticeship. It looks like dexterity, meticulous ingrained into the people of Hong Thu, transmitted from generation through generation.

Village live with career, women as well as career. Therefore, the name Thu Hong famous, comparable to Bat Trang pottery, Van Phuc silk … So, where is still sentence, “Wood by craftsmen of Me, bamboo by Hong’s artisan “

Indeed, the village artisans bamboo craft Thu Hong has been no one to imitate. They have hand-carved bamboo sharp, just sure not broken. Technical perforate, perforated holes to plug in another bar is very durable but not broken perforate hole. It is the experience of many generations passed , is the quintessence of many years with training. In resistance, the bamboo wall by Thu Hong follow the soldiers in any war.

Like many other villages in Thang Long, with more than 300 years of existence, Thu Hong bamboo village has gone through many ups and downs. Having seemingly lost in ablivion, especially after the village name Thu Thuy.

Each village in the North are hidden behind bamboo village. Bamboo was very close and familiar. People can’t not excluded bamboo products out of life. With features simple, rustic bring traditional line, bamboo products of the ancient village of Thu Hong is now alive, enjoy in the bustling street life, or peaceful in idyllic place.

With policy recovery of traditional villages of the government, many villages had awakening after a long sleep. Thu Hong bamboo too.

Now, if you go to the village, you can see the artisans have a passion for carve on slender, supple bamboo body. Confidential heart is strength to maintain and develop traditional trade villages.