Tinkle of Bo Ho tram – the familiar sound in Hanoi memory


First Dinh Tien Hoang street side Hoan Kiem lake , the old days a long time to 1990 in the Bo Ho (other name Hoan Kiem lake) tram station is always crowded. Trams from the four directions of suburban Ha Dong, Cau Giay, Mo market and Buoi market converge here, in addition to a line going across the old town. It’s route Yen Phu – Hang Cot – Cua Nam – Bach Mai .

Tinkle of Bo Ho tram -  the familiar sound in Hanoi memory
Tram In Dong Xuan market
Station not to much, there are two lanes. Once share 2 line Bo Ho to Ha Dong and Bo Ho to Cau Giay, are back in here. Two online Buoi market – Bo Ho and Bo Ho – Mo market in the other line, avoid each other here. Two-lane pavement is relatively large. Another train station, tram stations are not undercover and waiting room buy tickets, passengers do go line to buy train tickets for this line.Trams mainly poor people, working people, trade vegetables from suburban, suburban markets in the city, sidewalks and roar seats everything bamboo frame, baskets and small bamboo basket container goods. Bamboo frame and basket is blank in afternoon.In 1960-1970 year of the last century, vistors go half stage with price 5 cents, all stage with price 1 dime. No bus, traveling mostly trams, pedicabs, bicycles then tram should be used much. Two route: Bo Ho – Ha Dong and Buoi market – Bo Ho – had 3 carriages , two carriages for other routes, often very crowed. The first carriage has four doors up and down in the 2 side, the center of the roof tank fit electricity stick, the head of stick fit a wheel rolling on a trench power lines. Head of 2 carriages with control panel box. Electric drive one direction should not cause much danger, seller tickets on each rope to rotate in reverse to the end terminals. Prescription and the prescription last longer, with 4 doors up and down two sides.
Tinkle of Bo Ho tram -  the familiar sound in Hanoi memory

The driver hold the left hand control stick move clockwise from the 0-5 is to increase speed, right hand must always be on the steering wheel to brake, right foot on the button to ring, each stamp foot is a tinkle. Through the intersection to reduce speed, driver man has turn control stick, turn brakes, just stamp ring to 2-3 times. The tinkle prospects in space, eating deeply into the subconscious of Hanoi.Tram system Hanoi by the French built from 1899 to 1943 new complete, the total length of 32km with five routes. From 5 am to 23 pm, almost time always tinkle and iron wheel sound. In the 1984, 1985, Enterprise trams run test tire wheels, nearly cars, but customers need to power on the roof mount 2 parallel power lines connected to two direct current. Public opinion that criticism is much, more merit, but due to lack of capital investment in upgrading and expanding the test should fail. Iron wheel electric vehicles, old, bone and damaged several vehicles but still maintained.
The people were 40, 50 years old age living in Hanoi and who went to capital in the 80 century ago, when memory to Hoan Kiem lake, Ngoc Son temple, The Huc bridge, the Hang Dao, Hang Gai street… often referred to the tinkle bell of trams, bustling scene up and down trams at Bo Ho. Tram station were very crowded, the sound of vietnamese two chord fiddle in Xam singing, but people still often said that Xam Bo Ho, guitar sound dissolve sweeter voice of stroll singer. From stations to Ngoc Son temple gates sometimes people still see the monkeys circus performed and sell unguent. After 1975, employees and students in school with more trams, the train often overcrowded and baskets. Bo Ho tram station appears that woman sold more cups of tea, cigarettes, pudding candy, cream, Sau soaked, apple soaked and the men kneaded To he as Quan Van Truong (A character in Three Kingdoms), Ton Ngo Khong (a character in Travel to the west), a chicken, tiger green red. Around harbors have many people sell stamp and beggars.
Tinkle of Bo Ho tram -  the familiar sound in Hanoi memory

In 1989, 1990 the city decided to stop operation of trams. Entire rail line rises, the enterprise trams hundreds of people falling into unemployment. To solve problems, contribute to improving life for the staff of train drivers, ticket sales and repair workers, factories were built of steel furnaces, rolling of steel tram rail to building steel sold. A time line tram rails and off, the furnace is turned into steel furnaces produce vermicelli, art pottery and switched to producing mini electric vehicles for children in the Thong Nhat park, then the joint venture with the enterprises for production and installation of mini electric cars is in a local as Hai Phong, Nghe An. This manage hundreds of job, enterprises overcome the crisis period of employment until Hanoi development bus. New bus unit retains the name enterprise Hanoi trams, for generations officials and employees to know what an early precursor. And thus, young and old generations Hanoi today to keep a memory about period on the city street.
Tinkle of Bo Ho tram -  the familiar sound in Hanoi memory
lovely Hanoi one time
Now, Bo Ho train station became the intermediary station of many bus routes. Station was to renovate and upgrade many, spacious, clean more. Although no silhouette, but despite the image Bo Ho trams as still sparkling in the soul of Hanoi street. Who knows what a beautiful day in the XXI century, when the capital has inside railway, workers of enterprise Hanoi tram “lucky” again be managed and operated the train of modern electric railway wheels , returned exactly as its name from early childhood than 110 years ago