To he – vietnamese popular toys has violent vitality


“How much you sold ‘to he’

I buy for my husband play
My husband plough no use insisting
I will buy other to play alone”To he did not know there ever since, only that of the folk games of children, perhaps “to he” is one of the games are the most lasting vitality. And if someone asked about miles “to he” who is often mentioned that the village of Xuan La (Duc, Phu Xuyen, Hanoi).

To he - vietnamese popular toys has violent vitality
Xuan La village up to 80% of people know “to he”. From old man, old woman with white to the baby did not know read and write know to knead “to he”. Derived long, but the job knead “to he” was he could not find the ancestor job (this is explained by the loss of documentation). People knead “to he” of Xuan La village has a rule that only communications to his son and the bride. Moreover, the village has many family that all of them also know that they knead “to he”. Thus, the title of ancestor career grant for family and deserve all.

To he - vietnamese popular toys has violent vitality

Xuan La village “to he” broughtto all villages in Vietnam festivals, leisure farm, to sell their products made, in general, the profession’s nest he calculated “seasonal.” To live is the profession, many families have left in Xuan La village to city. Can be said that the streets are small pieces of good land for farming “to he” career.

To he - vietnamese popular toys has violent vitality
Xuan La village way of the main raw materials for “to he” is less sticky rice flour is mixed at the rate of 10 parts rice, 1 part folds (will need to add more folds to keep the viscosity of the product if the weather hot, go dry), mix well, then bring Pureed soaked, boiled and cooked quickly dive hands. After that, people know each squeezed into powder and dye respectively extractor. Four basic colors of yellow, red, black, blue. Previously, people use colors derived from plants and boiled with a little flour: made from luscious yellow or turmeric, red from Gac (vietnamese fruit) fruit or spending for, black straw is burned or used plant remember, blue from indigo leaves or leaves galingale. Other intermediate colors are created from these four colors. Now, people switched to using food color industry because of its usability.

To he - vietnamese popular toys has violent vitality
To he attractive strange for young children. Just less sticky powder bamboo sticks with a little color, about 40 cm long, the flowers hand account of the worker remains in the image of the child trust position, minutes have become reality. What Sailor Moon, Sun Wukong, Pikachu, Doremon … characters in the cartoon that children nowadays preferred, or Quan Cong, Luu Bi, dragon phoenix, pig and chicken that are the traditional character of this toy. Small wooden side table, is mounted on a thick piece of foam where the comment was made available “to he” performed stand looked very happy eyes. Looking at the Early Childhood eye tracking radiant smiles drunk each movement on about, Leveler Leveler ingenious pieces sticky enough powder colors of workers, see the very interesting game. Especially in the current industrial life, when all the needs of people from eating, sleeping, playing … are oriented according to the criteria “fast, compact, means” the difficult game in which children have been newly nervous playback power hand saw “witches” of the doctor when workers make finished products. That is probably the distinctions create a special appeal “to he”. So, while the market filled with expensive toys, modern “to he” is still a toy that children love.

To he - vietnamese popular toys has violent vitality
To he is a product of unique folk toys, has brought national identity, has brought scientific. It is important in life, learning, recreation and aesthetic train for children. The Xuan La village artisans, although not able to upgrade their products to fine-art (for use only in the range from 10 to 30 days) but “to he” had to leave the viewer the deep emotional . Like the simple life, but “to he” is the accumulation of folk wisdom. There was food of the spirit of very close people in Vietnam.