Top 10 things to do in Dalat


If you have to Love valley, Dalat railway station, then back here in time, you do not ignore XQ historical house, Palace III and Linh Phuoc pagoda.

 Da Lat station
Architectural monuments Dalat Railway station was built from the early decades of the 20th century, the station “highest” Vietnam because it is at altitude of 1,500 m above sea level. Currently, along with Hai Phong station, station of Dalat is the oldest remaining in Vietnam.

Domaine de Marie Church

Domaine de Marie Church, also known as Mai Anh church is located on a hill so many cherry blossoms, the center of Dalat one km to the southwest. Church of the harmony between architecture Western architecture with Tay Nguyen long house. Character of the church is no steeple; lighting system made of colored glass tiles; 3 m high statue standing on the globe, according to the image portrayed Vietnamese woman by the French architect design.
Love valley of Dalat

Valley of Love from the center of Da Lat 6 km to the northeast. There are three areas to visit is the first valley park, Da Thien lake in the valley and a picnic area. Standing here, guests can enjoy the Lang Bian mountain with clouds floating far side.

XQ historical house is consistent with bold sights art exhibits impressive architecture from the entrance to each gallery, with beautiful hand embroidery painting fanciful in each needle, is a true artisan cared Vietnam out. Guests visiting not only to see the embroidery, but also to return to their homeland stories, myths.

Dinh III palace
Palace III (Bao Dai Palace) located on Trieu Viet Vuong str, Dalat center 2 km to the southwest, the summer villa of Emperor Bao Dai was built in 1933. The campus outside the special power plant colorful flowers. Inside stateroom with special power, living room, work room, 25 bedrooms and kitchen. These objects are stored in the working chamber of King Bao Dai as military seal, jade billion, flags of countries with diplomatic relations, the bust of Emperor Bao Dai and King Khai Dinh. Outside of the former queen Nam Phuong bedroom is upstairs watching the moon.
Linh Phuoc pagoda in Dalat

Linh Phuoc Pagoda is a mosaic faience buildings with more than 100 tons of porcelain, bearing deep-East Asia, located at Trai Mat, the same direction with Da Lat station. Long Hoa Vien zone have long sinuous dragons around 49 m Buddha Maitreya, scaly dragon made of 12,000 bottles of beer. Sanctum 33 m long, 22 m wide. Cash 27 m tower on hand carved dragon, worship Buddha 108 thousand eyes thousand hands. Before Long Hoa Linh Vienna is 37 m high-rise tower 7 – established record of Vietnam’s highest bell tower. In particular, the Bodhisattva statue 17 meters high is the 650,000 immortality flower (a characteristic of Da Lat flowers).

Truc Lam zen monastery located on a Phung Hoang hill , from center Dalat 5 km, is one of the three largest monasteries in Vietnam. It has four areas: outer house, home training, internal house monks and the internal house for nuns . Inside the hall with a statue of Buddha Shakyamuni high 2m, right hand holding lotus flower posting, depicting classic reference Buddha Sakyamuni brought flowers spike up, Venerable Kassapa out smiling face.

Lang Bian mountain Dalat City and about 12 km north of the town of Lac Duong. Guests purchase tickets go to the mountain with jeep only 50,000 VND respectively for both up and down. Lang Bian peak high 2,167 m above sea level, pristine mountain forests, majestic and vegetation vary from different heights. From the towering peaks, visitors can zoom eye in all directions without being obscure.

Datanla Falls between Prenn, the center of Dalat city about 5 km. The landscape around the pristine beauty and lyricism of the Tay Nguyen, on the rapids of water from the stream down the high way through the rocks and then sucked into the remote jungles. Above the waterfall is lush pine forests aged 100 years. At the foot of the waterfall is Death area, attracts tourists with adventure games like conquering cliffs, waterfalls descend by rope …

Dalat Market

Dalat market sold various items with vegetables, cotton, artichokes, flowers, specialty Dalat as strawberries, strawberry jam, sweet potatoes plastics, especially wool goods. Walking around the market in the evening, visitors can enjoy street food such as steak at 5,000 VND per skewer, cake baked 10,000 VND.

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