Travel Ca Mau Vietnam – The best place to explore


Ca Mau Vietnam is that the solely place on the land wherever you’ll watch the sunrise on the geographical region, and dive within the East ocean. Ca Mau 350 km from metallic element Chi Minh town on road one has several Southwestern specialties.

Travel Ca Mau Vietnam - The best place to explore

A place wherever folks and nature be consonant, Ca Mau is dotted with bird parks, swamplands, channels and forests. Among this natural beauty, U Minh parkland, lying right beside the Gulf of Asian nation, is that the home ground of the many distinctive animals and plants. In terms of cultural heritage, the foremost visited destinations square measure Tan decorated Temple and Quan Am temple.

How to get there

There square measure several coach companies for your selection, with fares for beds from Ho Chi Minh City to Ca Mau from VND 170,000 to VND 220,000/person.
There square measure 3 roads for motorcycles:

– Saigon – Tan An – Trung Luong – Can Tho – Bac Lieu – Ca Mau

– Saigon – Trung Luong – Vinh Long – Bac Lieu – Soc Trang – Ca Mau

– Saigon – Tan An- Ben Tre – Tra Vinh – Chau Doc – Ca Mau


There square measure several hotels and motels in Ca Mau town with area rates starting from VND 200,000 to VND 500,000 per room.

Ca Mau Cape


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The Cape of Ca Mau belongs to Ngoc Hien District in Ca Mau Province. it’s placed solely 118 km removed from the middle of Ca Mau town. this is often a novel spot not solely owing to its south location, however additionally as a result of it’s the sole place in Vietnam wherever one will see the sun rising within the East and setting within the West.

The cape was discovered at the top of the seventeenth century. because it is that the district of 3 ethnic groups: Kinh, Hoa, and Khmer, it’s the place wherever several aspects of the 3 cultures move and converge, reflective in several distinctive traditions and customs.

From the Cape of Ca Mau, one will see the Hon Khoai solid ground that is 20 km removed from land. this is often a large cluster of lovely islands like Hon Tuong, Hon Sao, Hon Kho, Hon Lon, Hon Interior Department Moi, etc., among that the Hon Khoai Island is that the biggest and highest with a dimension of 4 km2 and a height of 318 m.

To get to the Ca Mau Cape, from Ca Mau centre, you’ll take the bus to Nam will city, that takes concerning one hour. you must return to the city within the afternoon and rent an area to remain. The day once, you’ll rent a ship to travel to the Ca Mau Cape, at the worth of VND 1.2 to VND 2 million for a bunch of eight to ten folks.

Hon Khoai Island

hon khoai island - Ca Mau explore

This is a town on that the hills and also the forest still stay untouched with several specious styles of wood, animal, and plants, furthermore as a attractive artless wild.

Setting foot on Hon Khoai island allows all tourists to get pleasure from the poetically lovely seashores that square measure packed with white elliptical cobbles. Tourists may challenge their bravery by ascent up the mountains or discovering the tropical jungle. However, regardless of what they are doing, the rare and valuable scenery of primitive forest with quite 1,000 styles of plants and tons of species of untamed animals can sure leave them dumb from time to time.

Nowadays, on the very best peak of Hon Khoai island still stands a gorgeous beacon light engineered by the French at the tip of the nineteenth century. this can be the place wherever a revered teacher named Pham Ngoc Hien crystal rectifier a gaggle of prisoners to success over the French leader of the island, that resulted in their possession of the beacon light. this can be a wondrous exploit that continually seems in native tales nowadays. From this beacon light, guests will use telescopes to appear closely at one among the 5 close islands known as Hon Doi Moi, that resembles a turtle swimming within the middle of the ocean. However, they will conjointly use the telescopes to possess a glance at the Cape of Ca Mau, to understand a minimum of once in their life identified however lovely the cape is from afar. while not returning to Hon Khoai, such chance would be nearly impossible!

U Minh forest

U Minh could be a Brobdingnagian land with a tangled system of channels. Its space is more or less 2,000 km2. the character here is wild and grandiose. simply the name “U Minh” refers to one thing vast, very far, very deep.
The cajuput forest could be a quite consistent forest with trees from ten to 20m tall. From a distance, U Minh is roofed with the inexperienced of cajuput leaves and also the blue of the sky.

Cajuput forest is totally different from angiospermous tree forests in structure. The background of the angiospermous tree forest is that the vacant marsh as a result of plants cannot grow here. On the contrary, in cajuput forest, several types of plants will grow. the foremost frequent plants square measure Mop (Móp) plant and Choai (Choại) plant.

Every year, cajuput forest provides many plenty of Choai strings, that could be a quite creeper soaking in water, has sturdiness and resistance like rattan. folks use Choai strings to twist fish traps all right or use it to form arts and crafts terribly lovely and firm. In cajuput forest, there’s Mop plant, that is additionally known as Cork. the foundation of a Mop plant is extremely slight and spongy, thus it may be accustomed create lifebelts, fishing floats, and caps.

In summer, cajuput forest blooms, attracting honey-bees from different places to return to suck nectar. U Minh folks have the expertise in getting ready an area for bees to form them nest. every nest will turn out liters of honey in a very flower season and many liters of excellent honey once the season of cajuput flower may be taken by people. The honey of U Minh features a special flavor of cajuput flower. this type of honey features a yellow color and clear, its color is constant and unchanged as if it been hold on for several years. Therefore, every year, U Minh cajuput forest provides over fifty plenty of honey.

U Minh forest is additionally a “sea of fish”. Fish lives in reservoirs, channels. In flooding season, fish swims following water to enter the forest for birthing. once the water level drops, the U Minh forest is additionally notable as an oversized yard of birds. you’ll hear birds’ voices flapping in vaults of inexperienced leaves. In afternoons, flocks of birds fly within the sky. several types of storks, dien dien (điên điển), cong coc (cồng cộc), teals, frogs, ravens, sea eagles, etc. gather into teams here for birth eggs, and birthing. toxic snakes live here, such a big amount of folks specialise in catching snakes and square measure professional on combination drugs treating injuries owing to being bit by toxic snakes.

Bird gardens

Bird garden in Ca Mau

Bird gardens square measure among the places that tourists shouldn’t miss once returning to Ca Mau. the foremost notable bird gardens square measure 19/5, Tu Na, Cha La, Dam Doi, and Tan Tien.

Downtown Ca Mau

Tourists will visit the memorial web site of President atomic number 67 Chi Minh, Khmer temple Monivongsa Borapham, stroll round the center once the streetlights area unit on, and wander within the night market and revel in native specialties like grilled snake-head fish and preserved turtle.

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