Trieu Khuc festival – the colour festival in the North Vietnam

Located at 8 km, on the way Hanoi – Hoa Binh, Trieu Khuc village also called Ke Do belong Tan Trieu Commune, Thanh Tri district, Hanoi. Ke Do is the ancient capital of the country known for flat palm hat with fringes(Vietnamese meaning : Nón quai thao), therefore, the village also known as Do Thao village. Besides flat palm hat with fringes, this village still famed embroidery may worship the map such as parasol, curtain, flag…
Orchestra of the Trieu Khuc village
Orchestra of the village


Legend the job to a communication by Vu family. Because village have a crafts from the past should Trieu Khuc village people lived relatively swell. Thanks to remember who brought prosperity to their lives, the villagers of his career in the great communal house with royal citadel was Bo Cai Dai Vuong Phung Hung (770 -798). Annual village held festival in Great communal house for acknowledgment of job ancestor and replay glorious battle of great kingdom that villagers still revered liturgical worship.

Hold a ceremony
Hold a ceremony


Trieu Khuc Festival held for three days from 9 to 12 January. Opening ceremony procession was royal mantle of the Emperor Phung Hung from Sac communal house to Lon communal house (Trieu Khuc has two communal house) to begin the ceremony called “return palace”. When the sacrifices in communal house began, the funny games held in the yard. One of many funny game like is “The woman play Bong drum ” (Vietnamese meaning: “Con đĩ đánh bồng”). This is an ancient dance of two young boys impersonate girls Author performances in the clothes mass five mass seven and make up powder on the face, ruby lips, fet black teeth, small and sparkling eyes, kerchief. ” 2 girls “just dancing gait and play Bong drum see happy eyes and amusing. This act usually attract many people join It is unique in Trieu Khuc festival.

Con Di danh Bong act
The act : “Con di danh bong”


Also, in Trieu Khuc village is much more fun role, such as lion dances , wrestling, singing Cheo Tau. Trieu Khuc wrestling arena is one of the famous wrestling arena, attracting wrestlers from different place attended: Bac Ninh , Gia Lam, Mai Dong …

Dragon dance in Trieu khuc village
Dragon dance in Trieu khuc village


Trieu Khuc dragon dance has many unique, skilled technique. Legend is a dance from period Bo Cai Dai Vuong . Then dragon dance team of Trieu Khuc often invited to attend and dragon dance in Dong Da festival.

Run flag
Tune running flag


12 is the end of festival . In this day, ceremony on expectorant, and ends with tune dances flag (also known as running flag). This dances reflect the area Phung Hung fussy top talent to supplement the army before the war hit the road with the invaders. When all the ceremonies ended, everyone is at the same sitting sedge mat to enjoy the holy item. Together they share the joy of wine cups, pieces of betel. The fun ended in an exciting and fresh hopes of the villagers to collect a bumper crop, prosperous career will reach, the villagers will be healthier than before.

Old man smoke terra cotta in the village
Old man smoke terra cotta in the village