Typical cultural nuances of Thai people


Thai people have over a million people living mainly in the provinces of Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Son La, Hoa Binh, Yen Bai and Nghe An, Thanh Hoa and live scattered in several northern mountainous provinces and Tay Nguyen due to migration. Thai people also known as the Tay and the Tay group as Tay Dam, Tay Khao, Tay Muoi, Tay Thanh, Hang Tong, Pu Thay, Tho Da Bac. Thai belongs to the Tay-Thai language.

History and culture characteristic of the Thai people

Typical cultural nuances of Thai people

 Black Thai ethnic young women


Underwent migration in history, Thai people have been in Vietnam for hundreds of years ago, they have extensive experience covering shore, dig ditches, build water-wheel, build water pipe in the farming then traditional should usually begin singing ” Xa eat under fire, Thai food under water.” Rice cultivation is the main production activities of the Thai, rice is the staple food, especially sticky rice. But Thais are also till the fields to plant rice, corn, peanut, sesame … and many other crops. In each family also livestock, poultry, knitting, cotton, raising silkworms to weaving, some places still making pottery … Product of Thai is famous brocade pattern with unique features original colorful, durable.

In traditional costume, men dress brocade black indigo blue or indigo, but a few dozen men in recent years has shifted to Europe for a major default. Thai women today still stick with traditional clothing: white shirts, blue or black tights body and white silver buttons, black wrap skirt is embroidered or border mere patterns in cuffs. Along with the skirt, shirt of Black Thai women also Pieu towel embroidered pattern with many colors thread colorful and beautiful. Women’s jewelry is mainly silver, silver ring, bracelets on the neck and hands, silver or gold earrings.

Typical cultural nuances of Thai people

 Brocade weaving craft traditions of the ethnic Thai


The Thai visualized often settled near water sources, each village a few dozen to over one hundred nearby rooftops another, Thais in the house on stills, wooden structure, with square or round wood columns are listed stone floors high , palm leaves or tile roofing. Each home, depending on family circumstances that up three room or five room. The Black Thai houses often create fortoise shell roof, decorative roof on bucket follow the old customary pass. In family law, still maintained continuously in-law, several years later when the couple have a new baby home and then her husband live in separate households in particular.

On the spiritual world, the Thai concept polytheistic and kept to worship ancestors. Because life associated with agricultural production should be further water in Eve, the festival welcomes thunder in the New Year and some other seasonal festivals. For the dead, their concept is to continue “living” in the afterlife so that the funeral ceremony is dead on with “visualize heaven.” Thai people have last name, they each have different rules intolerance, for example: Lo surname do not eat birds, Quang surname ignore tiger …

Typical cultural nuances of Thai people

 Traditional house on stilts in the Hang Thai people, Phu Le, Quan Hoa district upland

 On literature and art, so Thais should own writing folklore treasure as legends, folk songs, stories, poetry, literature… and some rules are stored and transmitted quite raw integrity through the records on paper or on the leaves. Some well-known series of works such as “Xong Chu Xao Xon”, “Khun Lu, Nang Ua” … Thai compatriots enjoyed singing, especially” Khap”. “Khap” is the way of recitation or singing the poetry, dance andcan be accompanied. Many dances as spreading dance, booths dancing , unique fan dance was performed on stage at home and abroad, attracting large audiences. On occasions, Han Khuong and Nem Con that two games featuring popular culture of the Thai people.

… With unique food culture

One of the salient features of the Thai people is the food culture. Thai people preferred the flavor, rich in nutrients of the baking dish. Buffalo meat or beef, fish, grilled chicken is spicy very picky. Pices to embalm the forest pepper known as “Mac Khen”, garlic, ginger, salt … Before you bring with marinated meat, spices and grilled on the ripe, fragrant. In the rim of the Thai rice dishes, each dish has its special flavor. The type of meat, poultry or seafood can be grilled. Carved meat, spices, using fresh bamboo skewers or clamps placed on hot coals, or minced meat, chopped squeeze the egg, banana leaf, phrynium leaf , clamped, grilled over red charcoal or hot buried; when ripe , very fragrant meat, eat not bored. Grilled fish attracted by the scent of fish, the heat of a chili. “Pinh top”dish is grilled fish, but used to like big fish as mud carp, carp, amur… surgery back , to drain, remove a layer of salt, seasoned fresh grilled peppers, crushed, getting compliments, to infuse spices in fish, hard meat and then put on the coals. Fish cooked with aromatic attractive, used to drink very nicely. Fish product of Thai is processing many different foods, specifications and delicious: fish steamed in the wood steamer, the Thais called Mo fish; item ” pa giang” is smoked fish.

Typical cultural nuances of Thai people

 Lam rice dishes, grilled chicken of Thai people

 Because of to the characteristics upland, Thais often to drying fish for in the kitchen. As a guest, a distant markets, not to prepare dishes,they bring the fish are grilled up for scent. And in the kitchen, family members continue cooking, to each dish to entertain them. Here’s how to retain customers, reflecting the hospitality of the highlanders.

Besides the barbecue, the Thai are very skilful in processing spicy for boiled dishes, steamed dishes with delicious flavor. To Dien Bien, visitors will enjoy chicken “walk” – chicken farming on the hills, with “cheo” spices is very delicious, drink Mong Pe alcohol or Lau So very interesting. Meat, fish, upland people have there are dishes as Lap Luoc, sour soup… with characteristic taste.

Glutinous sticky rice is traditional food of Thai people. The Thais have methods to steam rice to cook in a bain -marie in the wood very technical. Sticky rice cooked with steam, soft, flexible but not sticky. Glutinous sticky rice stored in baskets of rice cover tightly, kept warm, keep the long plastic rice. Lam rice is the specialty of Thai people often used on occasion, festival or entertaining guests. With the tours, visitors can take away Lam rice to eat along the way or at rest in the sights would be convenient. Each season, Thai people entertaining guests with produce such as bitter bamboo, sweet bamboo, cabbage… dip with Cheo spicy, bold spicy of peppers, galangal, roasted salty, flavor of vegetables as many tourists have had a stupor when tasted