Uncle Ho house on stilts – where save memory about old father of the nation


In Hanoi have simple house on stilts but associated with many memories of Uncle Ho and became sacred place, a legacy of history, specific culture. Stories around the house floor until today are still attracted to the subject, appealing from the heart, love to know how the land of Vietnam …

Uncle Ho  house on stilts - where save memory about old father of the nation
In 1946, French colonialists invaded our country back, Uncle moved Hanoi to Viet Bac war zone organizations resistance. Here, from 1946 to 1954, Uncle almost exclusively in the house on stilts. In 1954, the resistance is successful, the Party, Government and Uncle from the war zone back to Hanoi. Uncle still live with the simple brown pants, cotton shirt, pair of rubber slippers and selective small house of “worker power” as Governor of the French Government to stay and work. In 1958, Uncle Ho visited war zones back to the past, visits the house on stilts full of memories. When to Hanoi, Uncle are interested in building themselves a house on stilts right in the Presidential Palace. Party and the Government has assigned an architect at the Department of barracks design house floor. Bearing, the design is complete to see Uncle before implementation. As originally designed, the floor has three rooms, including restrooms, but Uncle view and suggestions very seriously: “The floor is only one or two rooms only. That room must be smaller and not as certain restrooms.

17 May  1958, houses two floors of rooms, each room square brief, approximately 10m2 was inaugurated. This is where Uncle Ho lived and worked during 11 years until his last years.It’s the floor, Uncle to his guests, meeting with the Politburo. Here is a set of ten wooden chairs and a bamboo chair around the table long and wide. A chair in the left corner for Uncle can sit reading, see the report or rest … corner house has three phone to Uncle quickly contact the Politburo, the Department of warfare and a helmet follow Uncle throughout the years American imperialism war destroy North destruction. Right corner of the floor to put the gold fish tank when the children stand watching fish swim. Uncle Ho’s stilt houses are attracting more crowded tourist. Upper floor to prevent double. Uncle just put things really necessary as a bed, wardrobe, desk, bookshelf. The daily supplies of Uncle is a fan palm leaves, the brown paper fans, bamboo thin bundle used to cast out mosquito, a small poster holder boiling water, a bottle of cold water, the radio compatriots overseas Vietnamese and Thailand the fan power of the Communist Party of Japan’s gift.

Uncle Ho  house on stilts - where save memory about old father of the nation
Uncle house on stilts always attract with visitor

Doors to the time the bell hanging on the floor clock when there is help Uncle when visitors come. Poet of Cuba Phelich Pitaro Drighet when visiting room was very surprised, he uttered that emotion, things Uncle used as “things just for work and rest to regain health work”. Uncle may not use the floor as eating places. Several times that Uncle busy. It rain. The service’s instant rice to office work. Uncle resolutely protect the rice to serve on the house of the former electrician to eat. In the floor, Uncle only to officials, close friends and the children.

Uncle used much floor time at home to write articles revolution, encouragement, praise mirror the good, good, write, write important documents, great value for use of materials and tasks treatment as “anti-American call to save the country” in 1966, letters, documents are considered by Uncle Ho wrote wills from 1965 to 1969 (each year, just wrote Uncle ten days from 10-05 to 20-05 and on the day only now the time to write a feel-sighted people, to most cheery (9 am to 10 am, the day that Uncle busy from 14 hours to 15 hours).

With the soul poet, love nature so the floor area of Uncle many trees were planted. Around the floor of the fence Hibiscus. Port to be connected with Dan Thuong strees easy to find in each village. Small piece of garden in front of the floor are colonized jasmine, fragrant incense . Star apple of the South people present Uncle were grown after the home, leaves luxuriant branches suggests emotional attachment to the Uncle with the South. Scattered along the gravel road leading to the second floor is in mango. At the top of each two mango trees have 2 bauhinia trees bloom white flowers each spring. Orchids have been tens of categories such as Phi Diep, Da Bao, Tai Chau, Que Lan Huong … four seasons in flower the plant is grafted onto the shores of the pond. Uncle also planted many trees specialties of all the national domain such as Xa Doai orange, Phuc Trach pomelo, Tien Dien persimmon… trees imported as 26 Caribbe areca strees , 11 Ngan Hoa trees ..
. Uncle Ho  house on stilts - where save memory about old father of the nation
In front of the floor have “Uncle Ho fish pond”. Uncle bit hard to use roasted bran as food for fish. Just hearing the applause of Uncle that individual forums, each fish swim up to eat. According to try Prime Minister Pham Van Dong wrote the work “The basic perception of Ho Chi Minh ideology” is “The floor of the Uncle for many years, many people in our country and the world has known and very touched when visited. Here, Ho Chi Minh had lived with nature. This is not just scenery but also a lifestyle that brings joy to the precious people that the civilized society to this day almost stripped to the huge city, full of the multi-level facilities , including things not needed, the environment polluted, destructive nature and harmful to humans “…

Uncle Ho  house on stilts - where save memory about old father of the nation

Today, house on stilts become an indispensable part of the population architectural memorial to the floor of Uncle Ho, Mausoleum and Ho Chi Minh Museum. It is not just historical, cultural merely in Vietnam but also with international significance

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