Van Phuc silk village- a famous trade village in Hanoi


As the silk weaving village of silk remotely famous is the ancient Nhue river of Ha Dong town.  Silk textile industry from the distant past of Vietnam. From 15 centuries, silk Vietnam leg of the merchant vessel to go to the visitors in nearly four remote communities. Silk textile industry in Vietnam is in many places, but can not say no to Van Phuc – an area the silk weaving craft long and celebrated in Vietnam.

Van Phuc Silk

“You come to Van Phuc with me
Silk clothing you wear elegant”

Go to Van Phuc today, the first new village we hear all the silk and textile encountered an exciting atmosphere, the load of shops introduced Van Phuc village is set immediately with the first village colorful small cymbals . Van Phuc silk durable beautiful, to put on body that will find soft and gentle. The characteristic features and unique way is because sometimes the hand dexterity, the training, the people of Van Phuc.

Legend, Ms. La Thi Nga, a village girl, from Cao Bien made governor for my country. She has brought to the job with a textile raw product is silk russet, common. Later, she was a Royal citadel village. Go since the retina (16 centuries) Van Phuc textile trade is improving, developing strong and got a lot of unique, high quality as brocade, silk, gauze, … with many lively, fine.

Until a host of Zac-ca, for the textile, silk, flowers are not easy, requiring people to Van Phuc research, explore, experiment more.


Van Phuc silk village

Who painted beautiful flowers, flower smart business, the textile goods to the same beautiful flowers real customers very popular, not weaving in time to sell. With flowers on the set, drawing any flower, what’s, what word artists are Van Phuc do.

Before, until a server that Zac-camachine , Van Phuc artists phases flowers and flowers are the training and refinement. Currently, computer Zac-ca is only set of flowers with perforation-tone metal hook to pull up the flowers go, is still the principle set by the flowers of my money from hundreds of years, not only is someone pulling flowers same.
To create products Silk excellent, the Van Phuc operator has a process engineering complex includes many stages as I sew, sew a thread, sew textiles, dyeing stages. Each stage must be conducted in accordance with the regulations are quite stringent

Today, Van Phuc silk through generations, the artisans and textile workers have been constantly improved, advanced production techniques. By that, Van Phuc silk project in any category also reached the smooth, with soft colors that he, on the fine lines in the sunk, has elegant type, has brilliantly.


Van Phuc silk village

Over the generations, Van Phuc silk always kept the art of tradition. State, always decorated with matching, decorative street features plain, but always complex and anti-free mineral, final. Therefore, Van Phuc silk is not only popular in countries that have beyond the territory of Vietnam to the hands of the four trendy.