Vietnam Museum of ethnology – The picture of vietnamese ethnic groups


Located on Nguyen Van Huyen street, the center of Hanoi, as long as 8 km, Vietnam Museum of ethnology increasingly attracting many tourists with activities and rich entertainment.


The length house of Ede
The length house of Ede

The space open and beautiful scenery, including the Museum two main areas: the area inside and outside the architect Ha Duc Linh (ethnic Tay) design, interior works by architect France undertook. Here are kept about 15,000 artifacts, 42,000 movies (plus photos), hundreds of video tapes, cassette display many souvenirs reflecting all aspects of life activities, and habits of the 54 ethnic groups, reproduce successfully the religious activities typical of each ethnic …

Yao house
Yao house

Here is not only a central store and display precious cultural organizations, but also a place for scientific research, collecting, classification, evaluation, preservation, restoration, display, introduce, stubs exploitation of historical value, cultural and ethnological aspects of the ethnic groups.

Inner blocks, including displays, research facilities, library, warehouse storage systems … Exhibited in the portion occupied full two-storey building has the appearance simulating the drums. Uninterrupted blocks of each other, each time display of each ethnic shown in the display kind way to tell stories. Story is linked closely, together with the group throughout the exhibit, the ever-changing attractions, meet different needs of the user. Each display is a great story reflects the life of the colored cells of the Vietnam people.

commual house of the Ba Na
Commual house of the Ba Na

Artifacts on display in the museum is very rich, from clothes, jewelry, supplies used in the daily activities of the peoples of the papoose, knife, farm tools … Every kind of museum has subtitles specify the name, origin, materials for reference. Spiritual activities, religious beliefs, such as burial, weddings are shown under the video size and attracted to lively, effect common knowledge very effectively. The artifacts here are decorated simple, restrained, so that viewers can experience the most or acceptance, beauty, the subtle kind of a very average fantasy, real life.

Diorama of craftsmen at work
Diorama of craftsmen at work

You will be visiting the exhibit is on display in the permanent exhibition, exhibition seminars, exhibition and display area stored outdoors. Museum of Ethnology Vietnam is at a picnic outdoor fun for families with children in the weekend. Outdoor display area with the sample characteristics of each nation is really a focus for student learning, research students, as well as those who study and learn about customs and practices of the nation.

Currently, the museum is building nine new architecture with a time of major exhibits such as the commual house of the Ba Na people, the length house on stils of Ede ethnic group, the walls of the Ha Nhi, sepulchre of Gia Rai, house with no upstair of Cham, tile roofed house of Viet, house on stils of Tay… Between the houses are inside the small paths winding streams, small bridges space and landscape is very close to the life of each ethnic Vietnam. Here, visitors not only visit, but also entertainment research, learn about the peoples, cultures of every nation as well as traditional values shared by the peoples.

Cotu tomb
Cotu Tomb

Special performances of its excellent puppet puppet of the North region is regularly occur here. Guests not only considered artists performing puppet but also to communicate with them, be manually controlled puppets underwater very interesting. Craft classes, embroidered fabrics for students are regularly held in the summer just help them entertainment medium can learn many basic skills embroidery.

In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to visit and buy souvenirs at the booth: a publication, plates, souvenirs at the main gate of the museum immediately.

Vietnamese silk embroidery
Vietnamese silk embroidery

The museum is open to welcome visitors every day of the week except Monday. Activities plentiful and diverse, Ethnology Museum of Vietnam is an ideal place for tourists to rest, relax, enjoy the arts and cultural discovery of Vietnam. Museum is for weekends of the family.

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