Visit the Co Loa citadel – Discovery ancient citadel in the most massive in Hanoi


Who ever read the history of Vietnam can not be unknown to the Co Loa citadel, Thuc Phan An Duong Vuong. And who has ever read the fairy tales, legends Vietnam can not be unknown to the legend My Chau – Trong Thuy. I went to Co Loa on a sunny day, with a little curiosity and desire to return to historical roots that existed thousands of years.

Visit the Co Loa citadel - Discovery ancient citadel in the most massive in Hanoi

Thorough Chuong Duong bridge, follow the 1A National Highway to 10 kilometers that the Duong bridge. Go through bridge is the Yen Vien town, turn left on Highway 3, go 5km to the junction turn right, go 2 km further is the Co Loa ruins.

Despite being the center of the capital not far, but when set foot on land in the old capital I still feel really weird. Open space, fresh air. Co Loa immediate embodiment for the image of a northern village, with river wharf and yard of communal house from member countries, ancient banyan tree by the breath of life with modern, with “miscellaneous” culture seems less invasive to life here.

Co Loa was the capital of the Au Lac feudal, under King An Duong Vuong is about the 3rd century BC and the Van Xuan state under Ngo Quyen 10 century AD. This second capital of Vietnam after Phong Chau (Phu Tho province today), is the capital of the Hung Kings.

According to archaeological documents, this is where ancient forests, the transformation of nature, all into the ground, the only evidence left large tracts of peat, ancient trees … extended over local from Dai Bi through Cau Ca, Dai Da, Hoi Phu to Lo Khe.

Visit the Co Loa citadel - Discovery ancient citadel in the most massive in Hanoi

Co Loa relic located on the territory three communes as Co Loa, Duc Tu and Viet Hung, Dong Anh district (Hanoi), the center of Hanoi capital about 17km north.

Unlike other historical monuments, Co Loa is a relic area spread over a large area. Co Loa citadel legend of nine spiral, but based on the traces still exist, the scientists found the three rings, which are within the interior can be made later, under Ngo Quyen dynasty.

Circumference outside cycle is 8 km the city, within the 6.5 km, within the 1.6 km area of ??the center up to 2 km . City was built by the method of digging trenches to cut it anywhere, to anywhere up, cumulative build up to it. The outside powers, steep, in mangoes to hit it hard, the type that is easy. Rampart high from the 4 m-5m, there are still 8 m-12 m. Rampart feet wide 20m-30m , rampart surface wide 6m-12m. Volume of earth dug up an estimated 2.2 million m3.

From the inner ring – the center of the Co Loa ruins – i went along the village way to “spin” back out to the perimeter. Over thousands of years with rise and fall of history, with the change of the nature of creation, the old hillock now only the average mound about 2 m high, but according to the specific elders in the village is like going through all three walls round it takes nearly a half-day.

Visit the Co Loa citadel - Discovery ancient citadel in the most massive in Hanoi
Ngoc well

Co Loa relic of the past in the present, consisting mainly of home, temple, mosque as typical Thuc Phan An Duong Vuong (Thuong temple), the Ngoc well, Princess small temple and the palace reign .

Through the village gate, that inner gate, is to Co Loa communal house. According to legend, it is the old foundation, where all officials in the court meet and talk the old days then in here horizontal board “Ngu Trieu Di Quy”

Visit the Co Loa citadel - Discovery ancient citadel in the most massive in Hanoi

Inside the “Ngu Trieu Di Quy” there are many archaeological relics dating back thousands of years, especially the bronze arrows from the An Duong Vuong.

Visit the Co Loa citadel - Discovery ancient citadel in the most massive in Hanoi
Bronze arrows from the An Duong Vuong

Next communal house that Princess small temple – princess My Chau shrine, lies nestled under the old ancient banian tree. Temple am little short life as princess of pity for “the heart to make the top.” In temple have human rock no head, who also told that the My Chau statue.

Princess My Chau statue is a natural stone appearance headless human. Legend has it that after My Chau change to the big rock to drift on the Duong Cam beach, in the east of Loa, people in citadel bring a hammock carry to root of banian tree that hammock break, rock falls, went up am worship on the spot.

Visit the Co Loa citadel - Discovery ancient citadel in the most massive in Hanoi
My Chau – Trong Thuy legend

Through My Chau temple to Thuong Temple that An Duong Vuong Temple, legend building on� harem base ago. This temple was revived in the early 20th century, with two stone dragons at the steps of the temple are relics or Tran dynasty or Le. In the An Duong Vuong temple in the new cast on the same occasion as the building temple. Before the temple is Ngoc well, legend is where Trong Thuy suicide because of remorse. This well water that washed pearls, the pearl brings light multiplies!

The population of the Co Loa historic, Thuong Temple (Temple Thuc Phan An Duong Vuong) is the most notable visit. The temple was built in 1687 King Le Thanh Tong Hi, standing on a hill past the king’s palace.

Before the temple gate with two stone winding dragons, hand beard, exquisitely carved, representing the Le sculpture.

Visit the Co Loa citadel - Discovery ancient citadel in the most massive in Hanoi

Through the three door temple gate, entered the temple the trees is an open ventilate space, fresh made everyone feel cheery soul, peace of mind.

Step inside the temple is a wide space to turn the altar of the promotion of literature and martial arts, from the head court, the Kim Quy genie and Thuc Phan An Duong Vuong.

Rock embankment in the citadel foot, the ceramic sprayed of citadel edge, the winding ditch, mounds complex, tortuous terrain that Co Loa today not only has become a cultural legacy, a testament to the creativity, technical proficiency as well as the ancient Vietnamese culture in the struggle against foreign aggression and retention country, but a an ideal destination for tourists from everywhere to explore cultural values, the familiar image of a peaceful village in the North of Vietnam.

Visit the Co Loa citadel - Discovery ancient citadel in the most massive in Hanoi

Every year on the 6th lunar month, residents of Co Loa held a solemn festival to commemorate those who have the build up citadel, especially grateful to An Duong Vuong, who gave birth to the Au Lac feudal .

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